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Bugoy will be following of Acne Cure fame raw diet

I called Bugoy this evening. He is almost there. I can feel it. Just a little more and Bugoy will be on the straight and narrow road to wellness.
I asked him if he was reading my Christmas gift “Health and Survival into the 21st Century” by Ross Horne. He says he is in the middle of it.
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Raw Christmas Dinner in the Philippines

Our extended family is getting into this healthy thing. We had a raw noche buena / Christmas dinner.
We had raw salmon, raw cucumber grated to look like spaghetti, raw mangoes, raw avocado and raw lettuce. It was the healthiest Christmas dinner we have ever had.

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EBook: Supplement Christmas Gift – The Wai Diet Cure for Acne, Cellulite, Constipation, Toxemia

Here is a supplement ebook that completes my message of health to you. This ebook is erroneously titled FreeAcneBook but it is really a complete diet health book in itself. Don’t be decieved by the word Acne. If you’ve read the first book I sent, all diseases are the same. All diseases are caused by Toxemia.
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