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My Boy Now 12 is Eczema Cured – is on Paleo Diet – found to have an Authentic Rice Allergy

My boy, now 12 years old is eczema cured this August 2013. He is on a mostly cooked and sometimes raw paleo diet. Pork, beef, lamb, sea food – fruits – some vegetables. Last May we took a vacation in Palawan and he enjoyed snorkeling, swimming with the fish observing the choral reefs for a couple of days… eczema free… no pain… ultimate break through.

My eczema cured son on the right at 12 years old today and his almost 10 year old brother at left.

My eczema cured son on the right at 12 years old today and his almost 10 year old brother at left.

After all those years of illness, 2009 primary complex / tuberculosis ( addressed with beam ray and raw bloody raw paleo diet ), 2010 intussusception (addressed by oil enemas), and the 2011 – 2012 full blown crisis full body eczema colon disabling due to multiple pockets of diverticulitis with hardened feces and small intestine massive leaky gut… (addressed by a massive combination of all the healers and healing protocols I have learned at ) he got well, we tried rice again, even the best rice from the rice terraces… the ancient varieties… he had an intussusception attack again in March 2013… due to the ancient rice. [Read more…]

Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday

Amazing report from Mr. B, 30+ years old and had been diagnosed with psoriasis since he was a teenager. A few years ago he did some detox protocols and abandoned western medicine to save his own life. He concentrated on work and started a family, had 2 children who both turned out to be allergic to gluten / wheat. Only then was he convinced that he too was allergic to gluten / wheat. Social constraints and a sociable outlook is why Mr. B does not want to stray too far away from a Standard Urban / American Diet. He values his “social” life at meals than his own psoriasis. [Read more…]

Child Eczema Cure: Intestine Crisis II Status on Eve of March 05, 2013

Yesterday March 04 we gave a successful 3rd oil enema, this time a virgin coconut oil enema. This resulted in again lubricating his intestines and drastically removing the pain in his tummy. He felt so much better and hungry on the evening of the 4th that he texted me to ask if he could eat pop corn like his siblings. I had to call him and tell him if he wanted to die. Pop corn is super hard to digest stuff and absolutely cannot be good at this time of intestinal crisis.

I came home last night with oysters, raw tuna sashimi and hasa hasa fish for his ceviche. I found him eating carrots, which I again said was bad for him at this time. At a time of injured intestines, no carrots. What I recommend is raw animal fats and raw fish, only easy to digest food. Not even raw beef muscle for now. I convinced him to eat some of the expensive tuna sashimi and explained to him the anti-inflammatory effects of real raw fish fats. No cooked fats no cooked meats please! (hard to digest, may cause inflammations) [Read more…]