Child Eczema Cleared with Tung Shueh Pills Cow Head Brand

Seems that these Tung Shueh Pills are the latest missing link in the final healing of our son’s eczema. The last ones on his legs. We have been looking to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the spleen system improvement. I got into making soup stocks from beef and from various fish. We changed food to those with more Yang qualities, more spleen supportive, more digestive supportive. We also got into having fermented ginger every day, and changed the order of fruit consumption by not serving fruit in the morning, but instead having them as snacks and having papaya for desert as papaya has digestive enzymes. [Read more…]

Psoriasis Treatment with Beam Ray and Baking Soda

I just have to deliver this news from my energy healer friend Mr. Romy Macapagal. He updated me that he has had good results psoriasis treatment using his beam ray machines. Added to this protocol is spraying a baking soda solution in water letting a damp cloth cover the psoriasis afflicted area. [Read more…]

Chicken Pox is a Form of Eczema, Sharing my Recent Family Experience

A chicken pox epidemic just swept my family and extended family. It began with my 9 year old boy, then spread to my 11 year old boy, my 8 year old girl, to their 12 year old cousin, to their 10 year old cousin, to 43 year old me, to my 29 year old sister in law, to our 20 year old maid. That is a total of eight people who had never had chicken pox before and are now chicken pox veterans. Observations of chicken pox: first 3 days malaise, with chicken pox marks water vesicles coming out… eczema, most say itchy, some will try to resist scratching… scabbing, healing scars taking a long time. [Read more…]