Psoriasis Help Organization Bans me for Teaching the Cure for Psoriasis

Never underestimate the narrow mindedness of psoriasis sick people running PHO UK.  Not only are they sick in skin, body and mind, some of them, the ones MODERATING the Psoriasis Help Organization, are sick in their hearts.  If they really CARED for the poor psoriasis sick looking for help on their forum, then they would have taught all the psoriasis sick how to cure their own psoriasis, free of charge.  I set on to do just that.  I opened up a thread in the alternative forum on how to cure Eczema and Psoriasis.  I was going along my merry way posting my cure procedures, with all the comments of the regular “NO CURE” sick minds.  Then finally this evening, they could not take it anymore, I was posting detoxing using liver flushes and they absolutely hated that.  Again someone spelled out his disgust at the word CURE.  So I told him I am cured to the highest standards they could imagine… I had my dinner… and upon getting back to my computer, my account was banned and my FREE PSORIASIS CURE THREAD was “moved” to nowhere… ERASED!  Because “THEY” do not want you to be cured!!! [Read more…] has just been set up. Join now.

I just setup a Yahoo Group called . You may want to come and join. Click on

Eczema Free Forever Book Review

eczema-free-foreverThe Eczema Free Forever staff in charge were very quick.  They immediately sent me a complimentary copy of their new ebook Eczema Free Forever for me to review.  Finished reading it this morning.  It brightened my morning since I learned something new and it’s not on my website.  I also smiled when I saw my own face in the book.  They got one of my pictures posted there on page 18. [Read more…]