Bugoy feels the power of his first virgin coconut oil detox

Bugoy has been diagnosed and suffering from Psoriasis for ever so long, 15 years? Bugoy was finally able to accomplish his very first virgin coconut oil detox which began Saturday morning and ended this Sunday evening.

This VCO detox has been delayed for ever so long. We were supposed to both do the VCO detox last weekend. This Saturday I Made Sure!

Bugoy is a difficult patient, maybe he knows I’m his older brother so he makes it more difficult on purpose.

This Saturday morning around 9am I drove up to Bugoy’s apartment and woke him up gifting him with all the materials he needed for the virgin coconut oil detox:

  • a 500ml bottle of Carica brand Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 8 lemons
  • a lemon squeezer
  • The Coconut Cures book by Bruce Fife

Where else can you find a healer free of charge and gifts you with all the healing materials? Badgers you every day to do your thing and comes up to your house? Sorry folks, I only do this kind of charity for family.

I pleasantly found out that Bugoy had prepared for this weekend’s VCO detox by taking 4 ounces of fresh wheat grass juice for 5 straight days while in his office. There is a Dr. Juice juice bar that delivers near his office.

This is what Bugoy had to say about this VCO detox this Sunday afternoon:

“A little bit dizzy and hungry. Looks like this (VCO DETOX) is effective. My ENTIRE BODY is smoother, and I’m hardly shedding skin today.”

Then Bugoy says he has to end this VCO detox tonight because he has to return to work tomorrow Monday.

After his first VCO detox, I suggested to Bugoy to not eat breakfast so his gut can rest from dinner to lunch. In the morning, take 2 to 4 tablespoons of VCO. He can take fresh buko juice or water in the morning and nothing else. Then eat a good lunch. Avoid papaya and pineapple while his intestines are healing because the powerful digestive enzymes might damage the still unhealed gut.

Ah the sweet smell of success! Success that Bugoy has done his first VCO detox by himself. Success that he has experienced and understood a bit of body wisdom. Success that he has understood the truth about me saying that the state of his outer skin is a reflection of the health of his intestines. Success that Bugoy has felt the power of virgin coconut oil and that we are blessed to have a never ending supply of coconuts in the Philippines.

The important lesson here is about “teaching a person how to fish so he can feed himself”. In the case of this website eczema cure: “teaching a person how to understand the truth about his own human body and how to cure himself so that he may be healthy for the rest of his life.”