Eczema Returns on 13 Yr Old Boy, Eczema Cured Again with 2014 Eczema Cure Protocol

Summer months 2014 in the Philippines, March, April, May are very hot. Most Filipino children get into the halo halo craze. As do my own children. Wife tries her best and commissions our cook to make more “healthy” halo halo ingredients, some from scratch. We substitute raw coconut milk for the unhealthy “evaporated milk” most people use. But the problem with having house hold maids is they are TV traditionalists and requested their own “evaporated milk”. Which our young children then said they thought “evaporated milk” tasted “better”. Which both me and my wife think do not.


Eczema Cure Progress after 1 week, around June 14, 2014… notice things are drying up.


Eczema Cure Progress after 1 week, around June 14, 2014… notice things are drying up.

So after 2 weeks of halo halo… and sometimes a bit of street ice cream “sorbetes”, usually made with “powdered milk”… my wife blames this combination for the recurrence of eczema on our just turned 13 year old boy who was eczema cured. And just a few days before returning to school! Eczema at the back of his knees and his crotch area.

Time for Eczema Cure 2014. This time we know exactly how. We have a track record of curing him and we did cure him, faster, easier, better. Leaky gut cure. This is what we did.

The great acupuncturist and holistic chinese medicine healer Sifu Jen Sam gave him an acupuncture treatment.

The great Dr. Bien Castro checked his spine alignment.

Cleared his colon with castor oil twice.

Did kidney cleansing with avocado leaves tea.

Commence giving oil enemas. We did a total of 1 VCO enema and 3 EVOO enemas… clear any possible old large intestine pockets of diverticulitis.

Did egg yolk liver flushes.

Immediately stop eating and begin diluted orange juice fasting, the 2014 way:

See the amount of fluid you need to drink at
1 part freshly squeezed sunkist orange + 7 parts filtered water
As much salt as the recipe
in my son’s case we used black salt because I believe in the content of sulfur in it which also heals leaky gut.
And some 3 or 4 raw duck egg yolks depending on your need.
Do a water enema at night before going to bed if you do not poop.
In my son’s case, give him 1 LBB capsule everyday does the trick of daily pooping.
He was on this for 5 straight days.

Then we switched to raw paleo diet with raw fish for a week.

Then fish soup stock, then beef broth bone stock soup.

And then later on added cooked red meats.

Found that at his crotch which was usually not aired well because of use of briefs and pants, he had the same old painful infection from some gram negative bacteria so I guessed and used Fucidic Acid again for 1 week.

All this worked as expected. Our 13 year old boy was calm and methodical. He had to go to school sick at the start and bring raw eggs and do his water cure regimen and my wife told the teacher his regimen for drinking every 2 hours.

Our boy is eczema cured again. This time please stick to paleo diet. I try giving raw at times. I try giving the best fruit and meat and vegetables. Stay away from nuts for now. And stay away from commercial milk… my wife’s main gripe.

Eczema Cured high resolution shot of lower left leg. Click to see full size.

Eczema Cured high resolution shot of lower left leg. Click to see full size.


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