Cure Eczema by Removing All Mercury Tooth Fillings

MIL has been eczema free for a few months now. She’s trying to be clean with her diet. She had some anthroposophic treatment. But she attributes to her being eczema free from the removal of all her mercury tooth fillings. [Read more…]

Anthroposophy and Homeopathy Medicines vs Raw Paleo Diet

MIL is still having itchy bumps on various parts of her body. Lately she also admitted to have lots of warts all over her body. I suggested raw paleo diet and beam ray treatments for the warts. The thought of raw meat immediately turns her off. The thought of not eating wheat products was unappealing to her it tickled her religious bone that “God would not have created wheat as food if wheat was all bad”. [Read more…]

When you are eczema or psoriasis sick, absolutely stay away from pasta and pizza

I would like to state an observation of psoriasis sick and eczema sick people: they will always find an excuse to indulge in their pasta and pizza addiction. Either they say this does not happen very often, or that they do not want to “deprive” themselves. Eating just once of the pasta and pizza with all that wheat, tomato sauce and cheeze is already a disaster. Deprived of what? Deprived of getting well? [Read more…]