Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Cure Eczema in Some

I’ll get into a new stage in this blog and collect all the wonderful youtube videos where the eczema cures are authentic. It takes an eczema healer like me to identify the truth from the lies. Here’s one, a young lady espousing virgin coconut oil for eczema cure. [Read more…]

Yeast Infection No More for Psoriasis and Eczema – Scam? No. The Real Deal.

A book called Yeast Infection No More is out there, and as I have discussed in my eczema and psoriasis cure protocol is that part of the root causes of some eczema and psoriasis is yeast infection / candida. This book has been getting rave reviews and someone on asked if this book is a scam or what? I was curious myself. [Read more…]

Eczema Cure Basics: Shopping in Wet Markets vs Super Markets

If you have been reading my eczema cure protocols, you may have learned that it is the PALEO DIET that is the basis of eczema cure. But how to execute a GOOD Paleo Diet? It all begins with shopping. It even begins in choosing WHERE you CHOOSE to shop. I live around the Marikina and Quezon City area so I will give my specific example for the purpose of this short tutorial. [Read more…]