Child Eczema Cure: Rice Was a Mistake, Tummy Pain Again

Seems my 11 year old boy’s eagerness to return to eating rice, first with white rice, then the best organic white rice, then to heirloom rice is a failure. Yes, his eczema had abated to almost nothingness with heirloom rice. But it seems the fiber and the difficulty of digesting rice plus cooked meat every single day was just too much for his intestines. Last Friday he had lower tummy pain. Which we diagnosed as something of a repeat of his intussusception episode in 2010.

This boy always had difficulty digesting the rice and cooked meat combination since he was young. We tried giving him probiotics or pineapple or papaya after every rice meal. His history has always been of intestinal challenges. Before 2 years old, constipation, 8 years old tuberculosis (cured by raw paleo diet, lots of raw blood and beam ray), 9 years old intuscusseption (cured via castor oil, olive oil enema and coconut oil enema), 10 years old large intestines pockets with hard feces and massive leaky gut resulting in body wide eczema (cured by orange juice fasting and raw eggs fasting then raw paleo diet plus supportive herbs).

But of course social lives continue drawing back my boy to what is a “normal” diet, first from raw paleo diet to cooked paleo diet, then adding white rice… which could not get rid of the last bits of eczema, then heirloom rice which seemingly removed the last bits of eczema but led to today’s tummy pain again. Where the symptoms point out to lack of chewing, lack of water drinking. Both not problems in raw paleo diets, but for cooked paleo diet plus rice is wrong.

Procedures we have done so far are what were deemed effective in the past with some castor oil, sugar and salt enema, then olive oil enemas. Some zapping. I only have access to yakult these past 2 days but I will be getting a delivery of OMX probiotics tomorrow. Gave him this morning an egg yolk liver flush with our own home grown raw duck eggs of pristine quality and lemons. Fluids are coconuts, diluted orange juice and yakult, we give him heaping teaspoons of some special ghee for more fat. His last remaining pains are soothed by a warm water bag.

Our 11 year old boy has some spots of blood in his olive oil enema dump. Then more traces of blood when he finally dumped a more substantial load of “something”.

I am hopeful that whatever remaining intussusception had been dealt with and that maybe some inflammation subsiding needs to be done.

He missed important school activities these 3 days and more but there is nothing we can do that will allow him to participate in any way.

I am back to being relegated as full time healer… for now.

It was prophetic that this boy on Thursday said that if he ever got really sick bad again he would turn to raw paleo diet for a long long time. His body must have known.

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