Psoriasis Treatment With Mr. B: Paleo Diet Examples and Liver Flushing

Mr. B looked back hard and saw a mistake he was doing, he said that during times when he is ravenously hungry in the office in the early mornings he would resort to buying fast food french fries… a monstrosity with gmo potatoes deep fried in equally gmo vegetable oil… one of the most toxic foods popular in this big city.

This post is about me teaching Mr. B by example by shopping and by taste and by food preparation and by getting him to do an Andreas Moritz / Hulda Clark type of liver flush.

I lived a few days with Mr. B. and that short amount of time I was able to teach Mr. B by example, by tasting example so that he could be excited about paleo diet and some raw paleo diet.  For 2 days I sort of took over cooking for Mr. B’s family, I even did the food shopping.  I bought different fruits in season, I got good mangos, good rambutan and longgan. 

Fish I got them various fish from the interesting flying fish fried in butter instead of their hydrogenated cooking oil.  And quick boil dunking of fresh fish.  And small fish sashimi in japanese vinegar. I got Mr. B’s attention with raw uni… fresh raw sea urchin… 250 pesos in a plastic box… yummy affordable goodness.  It was so good Mr. B just gorged on the uni.  And this morning he was in the Korean grocery at Farmer’s market buying some more uni for himself.

For red meats I got them expensive autralian lamb chops… seared rare with some olive oil and ilocos native garlic… that caught his appetite and he asked for more more more.  Bet you, he will buy some for himself next time.  Expensive, but he can afford it.

Another red meat recipe I introduced is slow cooked Korean beef stew using beef ribs and a lot of shiitake mushrooms.  It was so delicious his wife asked for the recipe.  Even his little 2 year old boy loved it and looked for more in the evening.

Shows you just how much more delicious psoriasis treatment is with paleo diet compared to a non paleo diet of intensively farmed pork and intensively farmed milkfish / bangus.  All it takes is exposure to a paleo diet practitioner like me who has been doing this for years with my own family.  And I do the wet marketing personally.  It all begins with the right raw materials.

On to the liver flush.  I again went out of my way to buy Mr. B all the materials he needs.  I bought the 5 liters of Ceres brand apple juice.  Bought him the epsom salts.  Bought him the Braggs Extra Virgin Olive oil centennial anniversary edition.  I also badgered him calling him on the time of his liver flush.  He was late by 30 minutes as he fell asleep… due to an upside down working schedule. Mr. B had to compensate for his working and sleeping schedule.

In the morning I spoke to Mr. B and asked about the results of his first liver flush in a long time.  Mr. B said he expelled sludge.  Great.  Great result I think.  This liver flush is a success.

I reminded Mr. B that he do a kidney cleanse this evening with avocado leaves tea.  If he cannot find avocado leaves in his village, I will bring him some leaves from our own avocado tree later. I also reminded Mr. B to buy a stainless steel rice cooker, and to buy organic white rice. Also reminded Mr. B that from Farmer’s Market he can drive down to Manila seedling and buy fresh wheatgrass juice.

So what do you think about this kind of healing? Healer?  Too much badgering?  Someone has to do the badgering.  I think sloth keeps the psoriasis patient sick. In 2012 we know precisely how to cure psoriasis. All you need to do is plan it and do it.


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