Inspiring Talk from the Eczema Cured: “Haai” from Raw Paleo Diet Forum

Hanging out with the raw paleo diet practitioners in the forum can bring exciting insights, words of wisdom from the people who are eczema cured and remain cured. Learn what you can learn about how to cure eczema… and just do it. The problem most of the time is that people read the eczema cure protocol and think… that’s nice, but that seems pretty hard to do… so they do nothing and remain eczema sick… and who knows what else kind of damage they are suffering from inside.

Member Haai laid out the cards in one recent reply to Mr Badboy… who may be the next eczema cured:

It seems like you know what is good and what is bad for you. Yet you continue to do things that are bad for you, eg. cook things, use processed “honey garlic”, use table salt because you can’t be arsed to get rock salt etc. All these things are going to slow down or possibly stop the healing process. From my personal experience, I needed to be on a very strict diet with no cheating, because as soon as I consumed something bad, be it a glass of wine, a grainfed or cooked steak, table salt etc or if I smoked a single cigarette (was very difficult to quit to start with), then the next day I would be back at square one (having strachted myself to pieces all night) and I’d have to start the healing process all over again.

So my advice is to cut out all the crap that you know is doing you no good, so that the healing process can speed up dramatically. It’s up to you.

— Haai… January 21, 2013

Later in the discussion, a question was asked about Haai being able to quit smoking. And he said it was the eczema that made him stop smoking:

To be honest it wasn’t really RPD (raw paleo diet) that helped me quit smoking. It was eczema that helped me quit. Eczema is the only reason I started eating raw paleo too. I was extremely desperate at the time to cure my eczema, because it was almost impossible to live with. If i never got eczema I would still be smoking, drinking, taking recreational drugs and eating shit today. In that sense, I am very glad that I got eczema.

Having said that, I think RPD could help one quit smoking if that means no longer drinking coffee or alcohol. I found that after drinking coffee or alcohol I really craved a sigarette.

— Haai… January 22, 2013

Such inspiring words from the eczema cured! I pulled my 11 year old boy to read that section of the forum… Badboy’s journal with Haai’s replies. At 11 he is now in that predicament where his stopping raw paleo diet… falling down to cooked paleo diet with rice is a set back in his healing process as he is starting to get bad skin again. At some point soon this 11 year old will really have to be convinced that he needs to give up rice completely… and that the best results… as he and his brother had experienced before is a completely raw paleo diet… and it is on diet where most of the eczema still sick fail.

I wish everyone could find the conviction to take action do the eczema cure protocols with 100% effort… half baked efforts won’t do it.

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