Pollution is big: It is everywhere

Pollution is big. From the time you wake up, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, take a bath, dress up, go to work, work in the office, drive home, and go to sleep. Ignorance leads to illness.

We are bombarded with the advertising of products and many that we use in our daily lives are actually harmful to us.

Upon waking up, your toilet duties get you in contact with chlorine, a toxic chemical meant to clean your water. Your soap and shampoo contain fragrances and harsh chemicals such as SLS. Your toothpaste contains flouride, a toxic industrial waste. Your deodorant contains aluminum. Your shaving cream is toxic and unneeded. Your after shave contains alcohols that cause cancer.

At breakfast you eat commercial cerial which is polluted with many unnatural food additives you can’t pronounce. Your milk is merely pasteurized and contains anti-biotics and parasites. Your bread is made with commercial flour which has no nutrients and clogs your colon. You put processed white sugar in your meal or coffee which is actually more of a dangerous drug, you substitute this at times with an artificial sweetener such as aspartame which is even more toxic.

You dress up in clothes washed with commercial soap, add in that fabric softener which has caused skyrocketing skin allergies, clothes dried in a tumble drier that has asbestos belts. You put on make-up, toxic chemicals directly on your skin.

Your transport to work assures you inhale automobile exhaust, inhale second hand cigarette smoke, in your own car you have an artificial air freshener made from toxic chemicals.

At work you consume commercial foods laced with unnatural chemically pure salt and MSG meant for you to overeat and make restaurants more money. You consume commercially produced and artificially flavored drinks high in sugar and weird chemicals. The airconditioning ensures only 70% to 80% recirculated air, and from time to time the refrigerant leaks you inhale it as well

As you retire home in your nice comfortable bed, you inhale the toxic chemicals from your brand new foam bed and pillows.