Diagnosing Eczema, Psoriasis, Lesions More Precisely with the 12 Hirata Zones

It is amazing to discover an old guide, a theory, a diagram made by the Japanese healer acupuncturist Kurakichi Hirata in the 1930s.  This is a diagnostic technique evaluated by means of visual examination.  In application to various eczema, psoriasis or other lesions, you may see which organs of the body are having problems by virtue of where the lesions in the body appear.  So the lesion appearances are not so random after all.

These are the 12 Hirata Zones:

1. Bronchials

2. Lungs

3. Heart

4. Liver

5. Gallbladder

6. Spleen (Pancreas)

7. Stomach

8. Kidney

9. Large Intestines

10. Small Intestines

11. Bladder

12. Reproductive Organs

Looking back to my problems and my son’s problems, this Hirata Zones diagram seems to be pretty accurate.

My problems began with the gall bladder section of the Hirata Zone. My 11 year old boy’s problem began and is ending with the large intestine zone. Very accurate in both our cases.

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Diagnosing eczema, psoriasis lesions for better treatments.  Explore how to heal those organs immediately.


  1. How can I tell by the diagram which internal organ needs treatment?

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