Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday

Amazing report from Mr. B, 30+ years old and had been diagnosed with psoriasis since he was a teenager. A few years ago he did some detox protocols and abandoned western medicine to save his own life. He concentrated on work and started a family, had 2 children who both turned out to be allergic to gluten / wheat. Only then was he convinced that he too was allergic to gluten / wheat. Social constraints and a sociable outlook is why Mr. B does not want to stray too far away from a Standard Urban / American Diet. He values his “social” life at meals than his own psoriasis. [Read more…]

Psoriasis Treatment With Mr. B: Paleo Diet Examples and Liver Flushing

Mr. B looked back hard and saw a mistake he was doing, he said that during times when he is ravenously hungry in the office in the early mornings he would resort to buying fast food french fries… a monstrosity with gmo potatoes deep fried in equally gmo vegetable oil… one of the most toxic foods popular in this big city.

This post is about me teaching Mr. B by example by shopping and by taste and by food preparation and by getting him to do an Andreas Moritz / Hulda Clark type of liver flush. [Read more…]

Psoriasis Treatment Over the Counter Case With Full Specifics

Come observe one and all and let’s see this psoriasis treatment and eventual cure happen with this case of Mr. B.  In 2006 and 2007 Mr. B had an extreme psoriasis crisis that almost killed him.  At that time he learned about detox protocols: colon, kidney, liver, dental, skin and wheat grass juice.  Since then Mr. B had concentrated on his career, gotten married and had children… he forgot everything about healing.  Today, Mr. B has a promising career but his psoriasis is on the flare upswing again spreading all over his body and his face.

Mr. B. and I were in a serious one on one meeting last night.  We were discussing psoriasis treatment with over the counter, wet market, health food store, organic supplies.  Seems Mr. B. is more serious today in 2012 to finally stamp out psoriasis as he has children in mind who may of course genetically be of the same disposition as he is.  Mr. B took physical handwritten notes… which is a good sign of determination.

Here is my presentation of Psoriasis Treatment using Over the Counter specifics with Mr. B’s case. [Read more…]