Malfuctioning Nervous System Requires Chiropractic Care

(23 Feb 2008) According to Gray’s Anatomy, the nervous system is the master system in the body and controls and coordinates all other systems such as respiratory, digestive, muscular, immune and so forth. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, the spinal nerves that exit the vertebral column through openings on the sides of each vertebra, and all the peripheral nerves that branch off to serve organs, tissues, blood vessels, muscles etcetera. Information from the environment, both external and internal, goes through the spine to get to the brain. In the same manner, information and decisions made in the brain go through the spine to effect certain outcomes. It is a two-way flow of information.

Photos of my sons being treated by the chiropractor.

The idea is that if the master system, which is the nervous system, is healthy and functioning well, then the other systems under its control will also function in a more optimal fashion.

Vertebral misalignments called subluxations disrupt the normal flow of nerve energy in terms of both quality and quantity.

An impaired nervous system is an enormous liability that must be one of the first things that must be corrected.

Photos of my sons being treated by the chiropractor.


Chiropractors are THE MASTERS of the ART and SCIENCE of correcting and optimizing Nervous System disorders, problems, and health maintenance.

Western pharmaceutical medicine is not equipped to handle nervous system corrections. The US AMA fought a bitter battle against the Chiropractic profession in the early 20th century. Chiropractors won in the US Supreme Court as they demonstrated mastery and effectivity of their scientific treatments.

I think the real reason the western medical industry does not like Chiropractors is because they get the nervous system fixed usually without the usual cash cow of drugs and surgery. Thus in western medical education, there is no mention of Chiropractics. Today’s western medical nurses and western medical doctors graduate without ever hearing of Chiropractors, Chiropractic Care and Chiropractic Theory; a large missing element in nervous system education.

We consumers must be aware that most hospitals are basically dogmatic western pharmaceutical businesses and they do not usually carry chiropractors nor will they refer you to chiropractors as part of your options.

You must find a very good chiropractor in your area. Chiropractic care is one of the requirements of my eczema and psoriasis cure protocol, or any health regimen.

If you will read Dr. John Pagano of Healing Psoriasis book fame, he points out the order of importance in spinal adjustments as:

  1. 3rd, 4th, 6th & 9th Dorsal for eczema or 6th, 7th & 9th Dorsal for psoriasis (my opinion is that eczema and psoriasis are essentially the same, your good chiropractor can feel all the subluxations that need correcting)
  2. 3rd Cervical
  3. throughout the lumbars, especially the 4th.

Here are videos of my sons getting treated at the chiropractor:

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