Psoriasis Treatment with Beam Ray and Baking Soda

I just have to deliver this news from my energy healer friend Mr. Romy Macapagal. He updated me that he has had good results psoriasis treatment using his beam ray machines. Added to this protocol is spraying a baking soda solution in water letting a damp cloth cover the psoriasis afflicted area.

I have to get better details than this. Just a note to myself to expand this post, update it later with Romy’s inputs.

He called me this evening and was deeply moved by a TV ad by a psoriasis organization saying HUG ME and that ad said that psoriasis was not infectious but the ad makers wrongly believed that psoriasis was incurable. (Which from my point of view, psoriasis is entirely cureable, you just have to do many things and change many things and learn new things while discarding failed paradigms.)

I will talk to him at length regarding this matter and update this post. That’s a promise.

If you have psoriasis, you may get beam ray and baking soda treatment from Mr. Romy Macapagal, you may call him at +63-917-796-4850

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