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Luke Psoriasis Cure: Methodical Journal following the Cure Manual

Luke from Poland had deliberately studied carefully the psoriasis cure paradigm and executed methodically everything he needed to do with all the determination and resolve he had.  What is inspiring with Luke is he totally understood the psoriasis cure paradigm from the beginning and did what was needed to be done: Raw Paleo Diet – Detoxes – etc. Everything went well for Luke, we read about his girlfriend getting pregnant, his marriage, his son being born and his psoriasis cure which can only lead to a healthy family life free from fear of disease.

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Michele Ang Cures herself of Eczema which manifested on her arm and leg

Michele Ang is a 30+ year old Filipina Chinese working in Manila and she would like to inspire everyone that eczema is IN FACT curable. Michele graciously contributed her before and after photos. See photos at the end of this article.

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Mish: 3 Year old boy’s Big Toe Eczema Cure Story

My boy Mish was diagnosed with toe eczema by 3 dermatologists way back in 2005. They all said eczema runs in my family. They all prescribed steroidal creams. We never came back to those quacks. We cured his toe. This is how we did it.

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Mr. Patchman’s True Cure Story

Subject: True Cure Story (Long One)

From: [Email Address]

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006

To: Edwin Casimero

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Ask Moreless Testimonial: Evanluck

evanluck – Candida , Acne, facial rashes, dry/itchy skin, dandruff and scalp eczema – 98% percent symptom free!

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Shirley’s Wellness Cafe author used to suffer from Eczema

Shirley is a health advocate. She took the long hard road to cure her own eczema and today shares her knowledge with the rest of the world so the rest of you dear readers will have an easier path to wellness.

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Elty Cure Story using yoghurt

Hi, my name is Elty. I’d like to share how i finally cure my eczema naturally. I have suffered eczema all over my bodies & face for about 11 yrs and really got worse and worse over the year because of cortizone creams and pills the doctors gave me. They claimed that i have allergies to fur, dirts, certain fabrics, detergents, perfumes, lotions, and all of those things that have never been a problem for me when I was still at very young age. But I followed them anyway cos I didnt know where else to go.Every time I consume fried foods, spicy foods, dairy, my eczema got worse that when I scratch them, my skin bleeds and there’s toxins coming out of the flare-ups.

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MsLarsen Cured Eczema via pH Balancing

Well I’ll tell you what I did. I got lucky, and happened accross a book that at least for me seems to have hit the nail on the head for what was causing my eczema. There were actually two books, but they are both very similar and by the same author, Dr. Robert O. Young, micro-biologist and nutritionist.

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How TomT Cured his Psoriasis Permanently

This cure story was posted on the Curezone forums on February 2, 2003. A very generous psoriasis cure howto, his analysis, and his personal cure story.

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Lilee: Born with Eczema, Cured via cleansing

A reply was posted under my reply in a eczema forum topic I replied to. It was Lilee telling her story of how she cured her eczema that she had since she was born!

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