Child Eczema Cure: Intestine Crisis II Status on Eve of March 05, 2013

Yesterday March 04 we gave a successful 3rd oil enema, this time a virgin coconut oil enema. This resulted in again lubricating his intestines and drastically removing the pain in his tummy. He felt so much better and hungry on the evening of the 4th that he texted me to ask if he could eat pop corn like his siblings. I had to call him and tell him if he wanted to die. Pop corn is super hard to digest stuff and absolutely cannot be good at this time of intestinal crisis.

I came home last night with oysters, raw tuna sashimi and hasa hasa fish for his ceviche. I found him eating carrots, which I again said was bad for him at this time. At a time of injured intestines, no carrots. What I recommend is raw animal fats and raw fish, only easy to digest food. Not even raw beef muscle for now. I convinced him to eat some of the expensive tuna sashimi and explained to him the anti-inflammatory effects of real raw fish fats. No cooked fats no cooked meats please! (hard to digest, may cause inflammations)

March 5, 2013 report:

Cush woke up having 5% pain remaining.

At waking I gave him:

– barefoot herbalist dewormer 1 tablespoon in 1 cup water. As our guardian angel said, look for germs or parasites in his stool… but I’m no fan of tests when I have powerful and safe herbals, it is not harmful in any way. So just do it.

– waited 30 minutes

– 1 raw fertilized duck egg from our ducks

– sashimi / kinilaw in japanese vinegar fish filet of hasa hasa

– 5 capsules of OMX probiotics (restore flora / terrain in the gut)

– drunk with some bottles of yakult probiotics (restore flora / terrain in the gut)

Repeated the same without the duck egg for lunch and dinner.

Notice the investment in probiotics with 5 caps OMX 3x a day so 15 capsules OMX per day. I bought 1 box that should last him for 4 days. Expensive stuff.

Cush by lunch said his pain was 1% remaining.

And by 5:30pm I got home, no more pain, but he was wary and looking for it.

He stopped using the hot water bag as he didn’t need it anymore.

And by late afternoon he was running and walking around. Went with me to the village stores to get food and drink supplies.

He will still stay home tomorrow. I might have him stay home for the rest of the week to monitor him.

He will have to be on raw paleo diet for at minimum 1 month or 2 months.

No hard to digest fiber laden things. No hard raw vegetables. No nuts. No corn. No pop corn.

After 2 months he can move on to rawish paleo diet. Cooked and raw days. We are instituting intermittent fasting for Cush and Mish diluted orange juice
fast every Thursday.

But I will put my foot down and say that while I am his guardian he will never ever eat rice as his staple food. We are planning for kamote / sweet potatoes for extra carbohydrates he may need.

I probably will need to make him paleo diet T-shirts and make it his uniform, as well as for me.

I am monitoring his stools and if he fails to form solid stools by Saturday I will buy new supplies of raw carabao milk for him to go on a temporary raw milk fast to form stools.

Eczema? Farthest from our minds and nothing is there, no itch, which means the damage to his intestines were at the large intestines and not in the small intestines. No leaky gut for now.

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