Child Eczema Cure: The Case Against Rice Addiction and their Last Stand with Heirloom Rice

At the beginning of 2013, my 2 boys, aged 11 and 9 both still have eczema. Itches in their arms, itches in their legs. My 11 year old’s history is a case of intestinal injuries probably due to the wrong food for him, bad childhood development, drugs and vaccines and maybe mercury in eutero. My 9 year old was vaccinated only until 6 months, no heart drugs while in eutero as his mother had discovered chiropractors in 2003.

This battle with their eczema had been going on for years. They both had been cured stellarly under temporary raw paleo diets. But they fall back to cooked paleo diet plus rice when they are well. Due to peer pressure, family household immitation and society as a whole pressure… maybe rice addiction as well.

The danger is the complacency and the acceptance of bad skin. I do not want that for my boys. I myself never accepted that and that is why I am eczema cured.

Thus I put my foot down and made a new experiment and proposal to the 2 boys… and made it clear to my wife, grandparents and aunts… the past few months of acquiring the best tasting organic freshly milled white rice and most expensive in the history of our household, even with cooking in clay pots lined with banana leaves and cooked with charcoal instead of lpg has not worked to eliminate eczema in the 2 boys.

In contrast, this cooked paleo diet plus organic white rice has worked for our 8 year old girl’s eczema and blood splotches under her feet.

The last stand in order to prop up the 2 boys’ rice addiction is to experiment with them exclusively eating only heirloom rice… very old species… absolutely organic… grown in the pristine rice terraces of Kalinga province. And it is 3 times as expensive as the best organic white rice we currently have. This heirloom rice is not so finely polished so it retains some of the nutrients in the husk. This heirloom rice is a blend of 3 colors of rice… black, red and brown. This brand is Tawid Exotic Hill Rice brought to Manila by “Bearded Manny” and I bought it from him at the Sunday organic market in Makati City. They are to eat rice, but only this rice from January 21 to the end of February 2013. That should be enough time to find out if they are not allergic to this heirloom rice.

If it turns out by the end of February 2013 that they are not cured of their eczema and still have the same level of eczema, then this experiment can conclude that these 2 boys are truly allergic to rice. May be causing intestinal inflammations due to some rice species specific allergy plus the difficult digestive process of always mixing rice with cooked meat / cooked fish. At that point I will be able to tell them and they will also realize… that that is it, the end of rice altogether… and I do not care if we are Filipinos living in this rice crazy country the Philippines. The boys will be forced move on to a cooked paleo diet and accept that they are indeed allergic to rice.

If it turns out that the heirloom rice allows them to get well, then it may mean that the tampering of rice to be more productive had introduced allergens to my children. This is as far as I will go catering to their rice addiction.

Of course you all know I will bat for raw paleo diet 100% daily… because RPD has worked for me for 5 years, RPD has worked for my 11 year old boy in crisis, RPD has worked for my 9 year old boy in crisis as well. Maybe during summer break?

See pictures of our immensely delicious (they say) white rice. And the still in pack heirloom rice, and the cooked in a pot lined with banana leaves heirloom rice cooked by charcoal.

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