3 Mornings of Egg Yolk Liver Flushing and 1 Day of Family Orange Juice Fasting, Deworming with Humaworm for 30 days Begins

Our 11 year old little hero boy did 3 consecutive mornings of egg yolk liver flushing.  Used duck eggs and calamansi one time.  And twice used lemons.  Virgin coconut oil each time with the concoction.  So it was 2 days of duck egg yolks + lemon + virgin coconut oil.  And 1 day of duck egg yolks + calamansi + virgin coconut oil.  He would lie down for 30 minutes after drinking the concoction at 6:30 am.  Then be off to school.

Then this Sunday our boy did 1 day of orange juice fasting.  Along with me the dad, his mom, and his younger brother 9 years old.  This younger son has worsening itches on his legs due to rice consumption.  May as well give him an egg yolk liver flush and then an orange juice fast… a first time for him.  I tell them it is a life skill and good to learn.

Today Monday morning kids had paleo diet breakfast of scrambled organic duck eggs and organic pork bacon.  Their packed lunch is wild ocean tanguige seared in ghee and slathered with grass fed new zealand butter.  Plus more organic pork bacon.

Since late last week my 2 younger kids 8 and 9 began taking a 30 day deworming capsule program from humaworm.com.  Today Monday, our 11 year old subject started taking humaworm.com for children capsules too.  He will be taking 1 capsule at 6:30am and 1 capsule at 6:30pm everyday for 30 days.  Humaworm is familiar, this is probably the 2nd time on humaworm.com  The other time they were on barefootherbalistmh.com syrup, I cycle between the 2.

Hopefully, if we lower the parasite load, our boy gets to grow bigger faster.  I am encouraged because I myself had a tapeworm problem in late 2010 so in early 2011 I took humaworm.com to get rid of it and immediately I gained 10 pounds.

Our boy is happy and active in school and at home.  Still some eczema at the back of his legs.  But the old wounds / scars / peklat are now deflated… so it’s all still good.  He doesn’t put any more oils on his wounds.

Current diet is high fat cooked paleo diet.  Kids are happy with pork.  So I will be buying a whole organic pig for slaughter on Thursday.  That will make the homo optimus diet proportions even easier to follow.

By the way, we also have horse meat tapa and served some last Saturday.  Meat variety I think is important.



  1. Do i need to do an enema the next day after egg yolk liver flush? I did it once without an enema and had no stones?

    Do i need to follow a certain diet the day off flush?


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