Chicken Pox is a Form of Eczema, Sharing my Recent Family Experience

A chicken pox epidemic just swept my family and extended family. It began with my 9 year old boy, then spread to my 11 year old boy, my 8 year old girl, to their 12 year old cousin, to their 10 year old cousin, to 43 year old me, to my 29 year old sister in law, to our 20 year old maid. That is a total of eight people who had never had chicken pox before and are now chicken pox veterans. Observations of chicken pox: first 3 days malaise, with chicken pox marks water vesicles coming out… eczema, most say itchy, some will try to resist scratching… scabbing, healing scars taking a long time.

My 3 children appear to have healed faster from chicken pox than me and my sister in law as adults. We 2 adults seem to have had worse cases with more pox marks. Our 11 year old was vaccinated for chicken pox, he did not experience malaise and his pox marks were markedly less. Probably not a good thing for him if the excretion was suppressed. But I’m guessing, since he is our lately recovering from eczema star in this blog lately, he may have already been detoxed enough the past few months, I will explain why. Our entire family including my sister in law are on a cooked paleo diet with some rice, my 11 year old boy no rice, I’m on raw paleo diet.

Their 12 year old cousin is on standard filipino urban diet with junk food, he had Chicken Pox worst, my wife said he looked like a pineapple. He was vaccinated against chicken pox too like my 11 year old boy.

Which makes me think that the pattern is that the older you are, the more stored toxins you have in your fats and tissues. Me and my sister in law lost weight. The 12 year old boy was on a really bad diet, so he must have had a lot of stored toxins as well, more than us adults? I’m thinking that chicken pox is more than just the chicken pox germs, it opens a window of opportunity for the human body to take advantage of the chicken pox eczema / detoxification and pour out toxins via the skin as well.

When I observed and realized that chicken pox was just detoxification, I made detoxification efforts. For my 9 year old boy, I diagnosed constipation so I gave him Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea and he did poop out foul smelling poop, then he felt better. For myself I also gave myself some Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea colon cleanser, then I tried a bath tub with baking soda and chamomile tea, then I did avocado leaves tea kidney cleanse, liver flushing, and what was best was once a day for 3 days of steam bathing for 30 minutes each time

My steam bathing technique was a steam bath jacket, a plastic stool to sit on, and below the plastic stool a small bucket of water, and an in pail electric water heater / boiler. The entire cost of materials is less than 1,000 pesos.

It has been more than 3 weeks and my chicken pox scabs had fallen off, but the marks need healing, lots of time.

What I learned about chicken pox was that, it is infectious, it’s something that should be welcomed by children of age, at least 2 years old, it will help them detox, now I understand why there are chicken pox parties where people deliberately want their children to be infected with chicken pox as it is a big hassle among us adults. I had to stay at home and work at home. I did not want to infect my employees as that would result in down time for my business. I couldn’t see customers for more than 2 weeks.

As a raw paleo dieter, I was not immune to chicken pox. My son and I were both raw paleo dieters when the amoeba and pseudomonas epidemic hit our household, we were immune to those, but not to chicken pox. Chicken pox is absolutely a detox reaction, the body trying to detoxify the chicken pox germs and its effects? And the body riding on the detox bandwagon by detoxing everything else it can.

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