Experimenting with Raw Neem, Ginger, Turmeric Supplement

I am experimenting with raw herb capsules being suggested to my boy from an independent herbalist in Palawan.  These capsules contain a straightforward combination of raw neem, ginger and turmeric… still raw paleo in capsules. My wife was raving about this supplement as it flushed her real good. Was being suggested for my boy, but I will have to self experiment this before I give it to my boy.

I will be taking 3 capsules 3x a day as being suggested for my boy.  I may even increase it to 6 capsules 3x a day to make a better approximation via weight ratio as I am some 2x or more heavier than my 11 year old boy.


  1. berna lee says:

    hi, where can I buy this capsule? tx

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