9 Yr Old Boy M Agrees to Raw Paleo Diet Weekdays during Christmas Break

My 9 year old boy has been taking Barefoot Herbalist’s LBB capsules, 2 capsules a day for some 2 weeks now and his daily poops are much improved – faster, easier. Alas he is still on cooked paleo diet plus organic white rice and his legs are lately getting more and more wounds from itches and scratches all over. He and I reminisced over the past successes of healing we’ve had with raw paleo diet for him when he was 5, and with raw paleo diet with his older brother, and with his uncle, my brother who almost died of psoriasis in 2007.

So the deal I got was 9 year old boy M agrees to raw paleo diet weekdays during Christmas break. December 18th is his last school day. On the 19th he begins his raw paleo diet. He does his cooked paleo diet plus rice weekends because his grandparents are home and he thinks food is more special during weekends.

An encouraging note was my boy said he wanted to be able to choose the fruits to buy at the market. Excellent! That’s what I wanted to hear. Get that instinctive eating running to optimize healing.

This boy likes coconut juice and coconut meat so I can invest in coconuts.

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