AIM Transfer Factor for Eczema Cure and Psoriasis Treatment

My friend Jacky passed on an email to me about a psoriasis improvement and an eczema cure. Both used AIM Transfer Factor. It’s a supplement. What I do know about AIM Transfer Factor is that this is dehydrated colostrum from cows. Please do your own investigations or ask Jacky about this direction of healing as she knows more about this than I do. So I give you Jacky’s email, Mr. Capistrano and Ms. Belinda Uy.


Testimony of Mr. Capistrano on psoriasias improvement: Health Challenge – Psoriasis for more than 20 years, in both lower legs to toe nails.

Symptoms- scaling of the skin but no itch. (Not communable)

Cause- auto-immune disorder (unbalanced immune system) triggered by allergens from food and/or environment

Previous products used- different ointments, but did not cure. Problem keeps recurring

Products taken that helped- took Forevergreen’s AIM Transfer Factor 3 capsules 3x a day. After 10 days, condition improved by 80%

Patient was happy and showed the improvement to his wife.


Testimony of Mr. Belinda Uy on eczema cure:

I (Belinda Uy) used to have several skin diseases:

1. Asthma of the hand – of both hands.

Skin on my hands would peel often, then re-grow new skin, which becomes very thin and itchy. I would scratch them, but more skin would peel off. As such, I would press the itchy part with my sharp fingernails, causing my skin to crack and bleed.

2. Seborrhea

Skin on my forehead would peel off often, like dandruff or snowflakes falling before my eyes. Skin becomes pinkish, thinner, scaly and sensitive.

3. Eczema – on the neck and elbow. It looks like elephant skin, thick and grayish.

In my younger years, I was twice rushed to the emergency room of the hospital for allergy from face to toes, “pantal pantal, like the Philippine map, super itchy”. Doctors injected me with steroids, which is usually the last recourse for serious cases, but have bad side effects.

All these skin diseases can be attributed to my unbalanced immune system, an auto-immune disorder disease.

With Transfer Factor (previous and latest version of Dr. Hennen), my skin disorders are all gone.

Hope you share the wonders of what AIM Transfer Factor can do to people with skin diseases.

Belinda / Bel Uy
Cp +63-917-5180009

— from my friend Jacqueline Dellota would like you to learn about these testimonials with people she knows who got well of their eczema due the the use of AIM Transfer Factor supplements. Contact Jacqueline Dellota via phone: +632-437-0369, +63-918-5501862, +63-927-3430451, email and/or check out at and, and, search “Belinda Uy interviews Dr. Hennen”.

Thanks for appreciating natural ways to address health concerns,
Jackie H. Dellota
member, Organic Producers & Trade Association Philippines (OPTA)
lifetime member, Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine Foundation, Inc. (PCAM)

I leave you now with the youtube interview: Belinda Uy Interviews Dr. William Hennen & Kevin O’ Connor of Forevergreen


  1. Shaaron Jennings says:

    I had excma as a child for 6 years, went to every doctor there was finally Mum found a doctor who cured my excma in 6 months and have never had it again I am now 60 years old. It was all about diet Everything had to be cooked in olive oil in a stainless steel frypay. No egg yolk, no cabbage, no beans, cod was the main thing I had in my diet so smoked cod was always on my menu, potatoes had to be fried in the olive oil. The olive oil and the cod cured me from the inside, calamine lotion for the itch and bandaged up so I couldn’t scratch.

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