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The best eczema forum and best psoriasis forum for your needs can be found at the Raw Paleo Diet and Lifestyle Forum.

In my cure protocols I expect you to

#1 Execute a Raw Paleolithic Diet, eating raw meat, raw sea food, raw animal fats, raw fruits and raw vegetables. This is the most important aspect of eczema cure and psoriasis cure. Yet this is where most people fail because most people are LAZY to CHANGE. Yet diet change is THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE you must make.

#2 Execute a paleolithic lifestyle. No chemicals on your body. Healthy habits. Removal of chemicals on your personal body and surroundings.

The people in this forum are those who have MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN. This forum is where the CURED hang out. What better place to socialize then? Would you want to mingle with the cured? Or mingle with the still sick — the blind leading the blind? No way.

I personally hang out in where I post as GoodSamaritan.

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