Child Eczema 9 yr old Boy Begins 60 day Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB 60 day Program

Now that my 11 year old boy C seems to be all well from his intestinal injuries… it is time for me to attend to the needs of my 9 year old boy M.

History: M in eutero was drug free.  His mom had discovered chiropractors then and did not repeat the same mistake of being pharmaceutically drugged for heart problems while pregnant.  M received vaccinations up to 6 months old.  After that we found out about vaccinations being harmful and did zero good, we stopped all vaccination by his 6th month.

This boy M was born bigger and stronger, had more testosterone in born with 2 “puyos” (hair swirls) on his head.  His food allergies are: chicken… any chicken, even organic chicken, even eggs, even home grown chicken as long as it is chicken… but he is not allergic to duck.  He is allergic to dirty farmed shrimps, dirty farmed crabs and dirty farmed fish.  He can break out the very same day after eating such dirty creatures.  Over the years he has learned to avoid them himself.

Eczema history.  He had outbreaks in the past.  Did some anthroposophic herbs, but eventually it was temporary raw paleo diet (days) that finished the flare ups.  His worst and easiest cure as when he was 5 years old, his left hand was being eaten by painful eczema.  I put him on a raw paleo diet for 7 days and that cured him.  His raw paleo diet then was fruits and beef and fish.

At 8 years old he and his younger sister had blood pools under the soles of their feet.  We traced the corresponding points to their digestive systems.  With anthroposophic medicines and strict cooked / rawish paleo diet, we eliminated the blood pools under their feet.

M has always had some low grade itches and wounds on both his legs.

Last month November, I tried giving him Tung Shue cowhead pills for better digestion.  Just as I suspected, no effect on his digestion because this boy always had strong digestion.  And no effect on feeling hotter as this boy had always been a Yang person / Hot person compared to his older brother who is Yin.  No effect on his eczema on his legs.  So I stopped that treatment after 5 days.

This month December 2012, I always knew he had not so satisfactory bowel movements.  I noticed he took quite some time in the toilet, 5 to 15 minutes each time… to poop.  But it is only now that I can give him time to think about his case as his brother is out of danger and doing great.  So me and his older brother C would brag about our Champion Guts… our Champion Pooping abilities.  That we just wait until the time is right, we go to the toilet, and in a minute or less we are done… then wash.  Remember my boy C last year did 60 days of LBB to restore his almost destroyed large intestines which had at least 4 pockets of impacted feces.

So my new hypothesis is that my 9 year old boy M has some large intestine problems, just like my 11 year old C.  I should concentrate on healing his large intestines with Barefoot Herbalist MH LBB for 60 days.  After almost a week of daily LBB intake, it appears my 9 year old boy M  found his diarrhea / discomfort point at 3 LBB capsules per day.  So I scaled him down to 2 capsules per day.  So if I can mark December 6 as his day 1. (we began with 1 capsule per day on December 1, but in 2 days, that did nothing for him, I upped him to 2 caps, then 3 caps.  M should finish his 60 day LBB colon strengthening, restoration of the colon muscles to perfection by February 6, 2013.

LBB is the acronym for Lower Bowel Balance.  A formula invented by Dr. Christopher, a great American Herbalist.  His great formula is continued and improved by one of his students, Barefoot Herbalist MH.  I bought my LBB from for the info and for the shopping cart.  These LBBs we are using now are the same LBB batch used by my 11 year old last year.  The reason this big container is still plentiful is that my 11 year old’s activation dose is only 1 capsule per day.  While my 9 year old M has an activation dose of 2 capsules per day.

This boy M said to her mom that it seems his itches in his legs are subsiding.  Of course his poops at 2 capsules per day are easier.  The boy needs reminding.  This evening he almost forgot to take his LBB capsules which he was supposed to have taken around 5 pm.  I also taught the boy M that he needs to learn to poop anywhere and anytime. He told me he avoids pooping in school.  I said that he just needs to bring his own tissue paper, even if the school had its own tissue paper, and he excuses himself from class to poop when he needs to poop.  So there is also that habit thing that needs adjusting.

His diet is an almost cooked meat paleo diet, lots of fruits in season, plus the best organic white rice I could find.  The only raw meat he eats willingly is sashimi.  But on crisis he does eat raw meat.  No crisis now so he likes getting away with just cooked food.  His mom keeps reminding him to not eat rice at night so at least his evening meal is rice free and digestion will come easier while asleep.  This boy loves rice with his meals and he can digest rice properly.  He is a yang person and at times I see him eat ice cubes from the refrigerator.  Part of his yang characteristics is warm hands, warm feet, and he likes electric fans and likes air conditioning and cold weather.

Being also more brawny than his older brother, he is quite physically more developed and is bigger and stronger.  But at 2.5 years younger, he is mentally younger. Why not just 100% raw paleo diet on the kids because it works?  At this age there is peer pressure and his own resistance… I’ve noticed over the years it is only crisis that pushes them to do 100% raw paleo.

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