Psoriasis Treatment Over the Counter Case With Full Specifics

Come observe one and all and let’s see this psoriasis treatment and eventual cure happen with this case of Mr. B.  In 2006 and 2007 Mr. B had an extreme psoriasis crisis that almost killed him.  At that time he learned about detox protocols: colon, kidney, liver, dental, skin and wheat grass juice.  Since then Mr. B had concentrated on his career, gotten married and had children… he forgot everything about healing.  Today, Mr. B has a promising career but his psoriasis is on the flare upswing again spreading all over his body and his face.

Mr. B. and I were in a serious one on one meeting last night.  We were discussing psoriasis treatment with over the counter, wet market, health food store, organic supplies.  Seems Mr. B. is more serious today in 2012 to finally stamp out psoriasis as he has children in mind who may of course genetically be of the same disposition as he is.  Mr. B took physical handwritten notes… which is a good sign of determination.

Here is my presentation of Psoriasis Treatment using Over the Counter specifics with Mr. B’s case.

– Mr. B is in his early 30s.  Diagnosed with psoriasis in his late teens.  Grew up in a polluted home with lead processing and new tires storage.  Dental case had mercury amalgams as fillings in his teeth, partially removed in 2007… but some still remain today in 2012.

– Psoriasis / Eczema lesions begin / originate first from behind his ankles near the base of his 2 feet.  You can see from the Hirata Zone diagram that this is section 4 and 5.  Which corresponds to liver / gall bladder section.

– Restless Legs Syndrome in Filipino “kumukuyakoy” means probably nutritional deficiencies.  Iron, Magnesium, Potassium. He has these restless legs whenever he is seated.  Not while he is sleeping.

– Obesity.  He is quite overweight by 25 lbs.  He is currently obese at the BMI scale.

– Not restful sleep.  Probably due to magnesium deficiency and vitamin D deficiencies.

– Craving Mangoes?  Even buys packed mango juice. What minerals are in mangoes?  Seems mangoes are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A… that may be his primary source of those vitamins.

Psoriasis treatment solutions beginning today:

– commence drinking 1 liter per day of Ceres brand apple juice not from concentrate for the purpose of softening of liver / gall bladder stones.

– on Saturday or Sunday weekend do a Hulda Clark liver flushing using newly harvested olives in Bragg’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is definitely not rancid as I just tasted it myself.  Do 3 hulda clark liver flushes spaced 1 week apart.

– After which buy coffee enema equipment and supplies.  I will teach him how to do coffee enemas the first time.

– Do egg yolk liver flushes at other times.

– Do avocado leaves tea kidney cleansing at night the following day after each liver flush to clean the kidneys.  Kidneys are loaded after a liver flush.

– Shift to Paleo Diet… cooked and raw and semi-cooked.  Sign up at and start a journal.

– Source better more paleo meat and more paleo vegetables.  Farmers market for grass fed beef and raw tuna sashimi.  San Benito Wellness brand of organic vegetables at Shopwise or Rustans supermarket.  Saturday organic market of Herbana Farms for organic vegetables. Shopwise or Rustans or S&R for grass fed lamb. Farmer’s Market for various fish.  Organic pork at Shopwise.

– Non-Paleo for his family, get organic white rice at 50 pesos per kilo at Tom Jones.

– Buy stainless steel cooking pots and and pans in place of the aluminum and the non-stick teflon stuff.

– Change all cooking oil which are hydrogenated with virgin coconut oil and ghee.

– Take malunggay pills / capsules as supplements.  Can also use malunggay tea also for socials.

– Stop eating kangkong as this vegetable is hard to digest, replace with many other leaves such as kamote tops or spinach or kale, or alugbati.  Drink freshly pounded kamote tops 2x a day for the next 5 days to address iron deficiency

– It has been raining for weeks, so take Vitamin D supplements, 3000 to 5000 iu a day.  When the sun appears, get sunlight 6am just before sleeping.  He works a graveyard shift.

– Consume fresh wheatgrass juice.  He can get this at Manila seedling.

– Check with the chiropractor again for spinal adjustment.

– Check with the biological dentist again to finish replacing the remaining mercury fillings he still has with safer fillings.

– Being blood type B, he continue avoiding chicken in all forms.

– Learn diluted orange juice fasting, begin with 1 day fasts, then 3 day fasts.  With warm water enemas in the evenings.  And Lecithin for his fats during the fast.

Of course consistent daily raw paleo diet will be the best diet Mr. B should do.  But given his current family and work arrangement he will have to try cooked paleo diet first.   He will have to muster even more determination for raw paleo diet.  When he is ready.

I feel confident about this healing of Mr. B with his new determination.  I can help monitor his execution of this psoriasis treatment with easily accessible, non exotic treatment.


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