Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies is a big cause of eczema. Some of the big culprits are deficiencies in Omega 3 & Vitamin E. A general lack of consumption fresh, raw vegetables and their live enzymes. Consumption of food that is depleted in vitamins and minerals because of farming practices and cooking processes.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) or what we should identify more properly as the Standard Urban Diet is unfit for human consumption.

Foods are processed to the point that they are devoid of nutrition and are in fact harmful and introduce pollution.

People do not have time to cook their own fresh food. Dual income earning, career women results in the absence of a wife. No wife, means no focus on marketing, no focus on the art of cooking. No meal preparation. Nobody is in charge of healthy, nutritious food.

City people are usually mis-educated about food.

People MINDLESSLY eat their food without question. Where they come from, how was it processed, how was it grown, how it was handled.

Most people consume too much meat. Meat that comes from livestock which grew up in miserable, unhealthy conditions, fed unnatural food with hormones, anti-biotics and even cannibalism, eating of their own kind. What kind of health do you expect when you eat the meat of a miserable animal? Most people eat too much grain, too much starch, too much simple carbohydrates they do not recognize these as junk food. Sugars, white bread, white rice, french fries. Every day, in every meal.

Vegetables and fruits are raised and handled in farming processes designed for profit, not for the health of consumers. Vegetables and fruits are raised polluted with pesticides, with fertilizers that result in depleted soils, there is genetic modification that results in “franken foods” with unknown dangers to human health, preservatives are used, radiation is used. And the way vegetables and fruits are cooked and prepared or preserved ensures that most enzymes have been destroyed.

Then there is the problem of eating NO variety of foods, the stubborn eating of junk foods, and the complete mis-education of what is nutritious for human health.

A more complete discussion on this matter can be read at “The Hundred Year Lie” by Fitzgerald.