Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday

Amazing report from Mr. B, 30+ years old and had been diagnosed with psoriasis since he was a teenager. A few years ago he did some detox protocols and abandoned western medicine to save his own life. He concentrated on work and started a family, had 2 children who both turned out to be allergic to gluten / wheat. Only then was he convinced that he too was allergic to gluten / wheat. Social constraints and a sociable outlook is why Mr. B does not want to stray too far away from a Standard Urban / American Diet. He values his “social” life at meals than his own psoriasis. [Read more…]

Inspiring Talk from the Eczema Cured: “Haai” from Raw Paleo Diet Forum

Hanging out with the raw paleo diet practitioners in the forum can bring exciting insights, words of wisdom from the people who are eczema cured and remain cured. Learn what you can learn about how to cure eczema… and just do it. The problem most of the time is that people read the eczema cure protocol and think… that’s nice, but that seems pretty hard to do… so they do nothing and remain eczema sick… and who knows what else kind of damage they are suffering from inside. [Read more…]

Just Moved Eczema Cure to a Brand New Immensely Faster Hosting Setup

I have noticed that has been very slow in the past. This website had been moved around to 3 shared servers so far. I’ve had it with the shared servers and have now decided to take advantage of a dedicated server environment where I can piggy back. Technically this is the best I can do: A separate hosting machine for the website and a separate hosting machine for the database. And the database server with gobs and gobs of memory. So this website should be screaming fast. Fast enough for 2013.

With this website now running fast, Eczema Cure will be updated so much more frequently. So let’s try out this new hosting facility.

Best wishes and happy new year to all!