Eczema Returns on 13 Yr Old Boy, Eczema Cured Again with 2014 Eczema Cure Protocol

Summer months 2014 in the Philippines, March, April, May are very hot. Most Filipino children get into the halo halo craze. As do my own children. Wife tries her best and commissions our cook to make more “healthy” halo halo ingredients, some from scratch. We substitute raw coconut milk for the unhealthy “evaporated milk” most people use. But the problem with having house hold maids is they are TV traditionalists and requested their own “evaporated milk”. Which our young children then said they thought “evaporated milk” tasted “better”. Which both me and my wife think do not. [Read more…]

Raw Paleo Diet is Mimicking the Garden of Eden Times, Todays Cooked Diets are Survivalist Diets

Intro to the main lecture: The toughest eczema and psoriasis can be addressed by truly going back to NATURE. And raw paleo diet is the MOST NATURAL of all diets and lifestyles to get into. The problem with people is that they pay a mere lip service to the word NATURAL. They have fuzzy concepts of what is natural or they know what natural is… yet they REFUSE to GO NATURAL due to conditioning or socialization traps. [Read more…]

Wheat is a major cause of eczema. Avoid it in all its forms

I remember when my 2nd boy had eczema. I was so up in arms against all wheat because I knew that it caused eczema. All humans are allergic to wheat in varying degrees because wheat / grains are not an original human food. Wheat, mostly flour sticks like glue to the walls of our intestines causing constipation and causes inflammatory reactions all over. [Read more…]