Psoriasis Treatment Improvement with Raw Garlic Everyday

Amazing report from Mr. B, 30+ years old and had been diagnosed with psoriasis since he was a teenager. A few years ago he did some detox protocols and abandoned western medicine to save his own life. He concentrated on work and started a family, had 2 children who both turned out to be allergic to gluten / wheat. Only then was he convinced that he too was allergic to gluten / wheat. Social constraints and a sociable outlook is why Mr. B does not want to stray too far away from a Standard Urban / American Diet. He values his “social” life at meals than his own psoriasis.

A few months ago his office doctor noticed his psoriasis and saw infections at his feet and getting worse. The medical doctor wanted to give him anti-biotics, remember that this was the office doctor so Mr. B’s job depended on the approving eye of this doctor. But Mr. B knew how bad pharmaceutical drugs were on him, how bad anti-biotics were, so he did some searching and found that he should experiment with raw garlic every day.

At first Mr. B was on 3 bits / digits of garlic every meal with his feed. Then he switched to high quality garlic from Ilocos. Then a few weeks later up to 2 complete bulbs of raw garlic in his food total the entire day, every day.

In 2 short months Mr. B was so very happy with his single psoriasis treatment with just 2 bulbs of raw garlic each day. He was so happy he said his feet and skin all over never looked this good before he even started dating his wife. Shows how much his wife loved him even during worse skin. And he even shows off that look, my lunch meal is the common fare of cooked tilapia fish and white rice plus chopped raw garlic… he does not need to go raw or paleo diet like I do. And look he says… he can even consume social amounts of wheat foods as long as he has raw garlic with them.

psoriasis treatment with raw garlic with meals

psoriasis treatment with raw garlic with meals

Of course I’m happy for Mr. B. I’m happy he knows and has felt healing like this, better and easier than from his point of view. With not so much change in his eating life style, without demanding more detox protocols. But until when will this single raw garlic treatment everyday for psoriasis last? How long can this be kept up?

I made a quick search on the internet and found many similar treatments with garlic which does make a good enough number of psoriasis sufferers happy.

So if you have psoriasis today, you had better try raw garlic and see how this natural treatment can help you.

From what I remember of Mr B’s detox history is that he had great results with colon cleansing, liver flushing and with a lot of vco detoxing. I remember him doing 4 x 2.5 day vco detoxes that got rid of a lot of candida in 2007.

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