AIM Transfer Factor for Eczema Cure and Psoriasis Treatment

My friend Jacky passed on an email to me about a psoriasis improvement and an eczema cure. Both used AIM Transfer Factor. It’s a supplement. What I do know about AIM Transfer Factor is that this is dehydrated colostrum from cows. Please do your own investigations or ask Jacky about this direction of healing as she knows more about this than I do. So I give you Jacky’s email, Mr. Capistrano and Ms. Belinda Uy. [Read more…]

Jeff in Hong Kong Eczema Cured After 20 Years and Very Passionate to Share His Story

Jeff in Hong Kong posts in the raw paleo diet forum as LetsDoItEczema and immediately ruffled some feathers as he shared his success not just with raw paleo diet but also success with uropathy — drinking your own pee and slathering pee on your skin.  Yes that’s true, and don’t be turned off.  Pee is very useful.  Pee is the first aid for jelly fish or sea urchin wounds… drown your wound in pee.  I’ve used pee on pimples.  Aajonus Vonderplanitz has experimented with pee.  Some athletes such as the boxer Juan Miguel Marquez showed on HBO TV that he drinks his pee as part of his training regimen vs Manny Pacquiao. [Read more…]

A testimonial from Louis

I worked hard for 3 weeks. On the last day i woke up and all the eczema in my arms and legs had cleared. I feel I had woken up to a bad dream.