Eczema Cure Protocols

September 2008 Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Protocol

Many months have passed, many new things learned, many new tools available. All striving to be safe, cheap, effective, repeatable… all the trademarks of TRUE CURES.This new cure protocol refers to text I have done in the Cure Manual. No sense in repeating things. The Cure Manual is supposed to cure every incurable disease. There are just a few minor differences and special needs for.

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January 2008 Eczema / Psoriasis Cure Protocol

(Updated 13 Jan 2008) The latter half of 2007 was a rapid learning experience. I have finally come around to update the website with a brand new cure protocol. The usual disclaimer applies. I am not licensed to kill. I am not an MD and I never want to be one. What I write is not backed up by any association. This is for education and entertainment purposes only.

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Eczema Cure Protocol in Manila, Philippines

(03 Sep 07) This is my eczema cure protocol specifically made for those who live in Metro Manila, Philippines. I will be constantly updating this page. Correcting and adding. If you live in another country, the concepts are the same, just substitute what you can get in your country. I will be making a new eczema cure protocol for Americans. Come back in a few days.

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Preview of my August 2007 Eczema Cure protocol

(06 August 2007) This is a curezone forum reply I made today in response to a post in the eczema forum. It just inspired me to write on the spot. I hope someone appreciates this for now as my business schedule is getting to be pretty tight.

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May 2007 Eczema Cure Protocol

(21 May 2007) I have gained much knowledge these past few weeks and I present some significant changes in this cure protocol. First, I have dropped the “Ask Moreless” website from my cure protocol as my experience with pure alkaline chemicals have proved disastrous and in my view pure chemicals are dangerous to handle.

Ph balancing is more safely and more efficiently handled by eating RAW fruits and vegetables as described in the PH miracle by Dr. Robert Young. I have experienced this PH Miracle using raw food with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor.

You have never experienced alkaline eating if you never eat enough RAW VEGETABLES. The healing power of eating raw vegetables for weeks is tremendous and you will feel the power from deep within you that spreads finally to the outer layers of your skin giving you absolutely clear complections.

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Debunking the Money Religion of No Cures… but Controllable… Scam

(10 July 2007) A couple of times some courageous superstitious soul replies to my message board cure posts and boldly proclaims “there is no cure for (insert any disease here) but it is controllable.” What a load of money making garbage this is. I will tell you why.

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The Change in Lifestyle is the Cure

(14 July 2007) How can I claim a cure can become permanent? Easy. You do the treatments necessary for cleansing, nutrition and identify and eliminate sources of pollution. Your body will heal and you will be declared cured. To stay cured, you remain with the new beneficial lifestyle… for the rest of your life.

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Feb 2007 Eczema Cure Protocol

(10 Feb 07) I never finished my Jan 2007 eczema cure protocol as I had no time while attending to curing my brother who suffered a fate worse than mine. Thanks to his case, my eczema and total health research continues with more raging passion and conviction. This is my first cure protocol for 2007.

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Jan 2007 Eczema Cure Protocol: Addressing the Causes

This will be my January 2007 eczema cure protocol. It will be structured as a reflection of the ECZEMA CAUSES page addressing each and every cause.

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My eczema cure protocol circa November 2006

(01 Nov 06) Eczema is cureable. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I got well. You can too.

You have probably read my eczema cure story at It was a personal account written just after I declared myself cured in April 2006.

How would I have handled my eczema which started back then in early 2005 if I knew then what I know now?

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The Battle For Health Is Over pH

When the blood contains living nutrients, the body’s cellular metabolism and pH is in proper balance, and the cells are properly nourished, hydrated, and oxygenated susceptibility to illness is virtually impossible.

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Aunty of Curezone Shares her Children with Eczema Healing Protocol

(22 August 2007) Courtesy of bioticsadp, this lovingly crafted eczema cure protocol and analysis deserves to be repeated on this website. The original post can be seen on Curezone at cross posted on both eczema and psoriasis forums.

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Eczema & Psoriasis Cure Protocol for Children

(February 2008) I finally found the incentive to write an eczema and psoriasis cure protocol for children. A letter sender prompted me to write this. My own children are eczematic, especially my 2nd son. What a wonderful survival strategy they inherited. Keeps us parents on our toes to do the right thing.

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