Child Eczema on 9 Yr Old M Suspecting Large Intestines and Small Intestines (Leaky Gut)

With my 11 year old first boy seemingly all well and out of danger, I can focus my attention on my 2nd boy who is 9 years old, let’s call him M. As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, he has large intestine problems. He poops too long in the toilet, 5 to 15 minutes. With Barefoot Herbalist LBB capsules at 2 capsules a day, he is pooping much better, finishing in 2 minutes he says. Good for him. Shows we parents need to monitor how our children poop.

This evening I inquired about lesions, and their location. He pointed to a lesion above the knee at the back of his left leg. I asked him to look at the hirata zone in this website to identify the location. It pointed to #10, the small intestines. So now we know. Now we can form a plan to attack the newly identified problem.

Small intestine healing plan:

1. Introduce 1 day a week of either diluted orange juice fasting or coconut juice with coconut meat fasting. I’m wondering during Christmas break if I can extend him to 2 days.
2. Put him on a raw paleo diet at 1 day a week. Then 2 days a week.
3. Convince, try sweet potatoes instead of rice, find rice substitutes for a cooked paleo diet.
4. For cooked paleo diet, maybe invest in organic pork, very fatty, to eliminate rice. I feel cooked beef is harder to digest.

The idiotic rice + cooked meat Filipino diet is very hard to digest. And my son does this bad combination 2 times a day for lunch and dinner. My wife had been pestering him to eat rice only once at lunch time.

I will make appeals to his senses to try raw paleo diet stretches during vacation, and eventually try to convert him to a cooked paleo diet by school opening on January.

I will also look for leaky gut healing foods.


  1. Sabina Rouf says:


    My husband has very severe eczema and oftens suffers from constipation and diarrohea. He is 35 years old and has been bedridden for a few months now.

    PLease can you help us with a diet or a visit to yourself to help. I have tried calling manang lorna, however havent been able to get in touch with her. The contact details I have are 006309074316173, do you have any other contact details for her?

    Thanking you in advance.

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