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7 Year Old Eczematic Boy Refuses Crabs, Told to Stop Eating Bread

My 7 year old boy has some discipline in him. He knows he gets eczema symptoms from foods he is allergic to. He remembers shrimp and crabs. Last night I was having some lightly steamed crabs with oozing yummy orange tomale (alige) / crab eggs… nutritious good. I offered crabs to my 7 year old boy. He refused! Said he was allergic to crabs and wouldn’t want to risk it. Hmmm….. good boy, he has a mind of his own. [Read more…]

Grumpy Vegan: Excessive Health by Being Beautiful, Attractive, Sensual, Sexual of Raw Paleo Dieters is Bad Karma – Animalistic

A grumpy vegan / vegetarian named Corin lashes out at Raw Paleo Dieters like me for being excessively healthy:

“Other things that many people notice in people who adopt a raw animal product diet is that these people become very primal physically and sexually, often becoming quite “beautiful,” attractive, sensual, and I have noticed an excess of promiscuity among “primal” practioners, as have others. Yet this is all part of returning to an animalistic nature. Additionally there is the ego jolt people get on the diet from consuming other animals and getting power from it. This of course is a false sense of power however, and I shudder to think of all the bad karma these people are creating from a misused sense of power.”

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Psoriasis Cure With Virgin Coconut Oil by Edgar

I was lucky yesterday to meet a great man named Edgar. We were talking with a common friend and found out that Edgar cured himself of psoriasis which began around 2008 and ended after 6 months of self treatment primarily with the ingestion of some 4 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every single day. [Read more…]