Child Eczema Cure: Rice Was a Mistake, Tummy Pain Again

Seems my 11 year old boy’s eagerness to return to eating rice, first with white rice, then the best organic white rice, then to heirloom rice is a failure. Yes, his eczema had abated to almost nothingness with heirloom rice. But it seems the fiber and the difficulty of digesting rice plus cooked meat every single day was just too much for his intestines. Last Friday he had lower tummy pain. Which we diagnosed as something of a repeat of his intussusception episode in 2010. [Read more…]

Child Eczema Cure: The Case Against Rice Addiction and their Last Stand with Heirloom Rice

At the beginning of 2013, my 2 boys, aged 11 and 9 both still have eczema. Itches in their arms, itches in their legs. My 11 year old’s history is a case of intestinal injuries probably due to the wrong food for him, bad childhood development, drugs and vaccines and maybe mercury in eutero. My 9 year old was vaccinated only until 6 months, no heart drugs while in eutero as his mother had discovered chiropractors in 2003.

This battle with their eczema had been going on for years. They both had been cured stellarly under temporary raw paleo diets. But they fall back to cooked paleo diet plus rice when they are well. Due to peer pressure, family household immitation and society as a whole pressure… maybe rice addiction as well. [Read more…]

9 Yr Old Boy M Agrees to Raw Paleo Diet Weekdays during Christmas Break

My 9 year old boy has been taking Barefoot Herbalist’s LBB capsules, 2 capsules a day for some 2 weeks now and his daily poops are much improved – faster, easier. Alas he is still on cooked paleo diet plus organic white rice and his legs are lately getting more and more wounds from itches and scratches all over. He and I reminisced over the past successes of healing we’ve had with raw paleo diet for him when he was 5, and with raw paleo diet with his older brother, and with his uncle, my brother who almost died of psoriasis in 2007. [Read more…]