results of my 8th liver flush

I just concluded my 8th liver flush today with the usual apple juice fasting for two days this time using Harvey Crushed Apple Juice from Australia and Ceres Apple Juice from South Africe. I used Bertoli extra virgin olive oil from Italy and fresh lemons from I do not know where.

For some reason this time, the lemons were so powerful I had a hard time consuming the full 8 ounce concoction of 4 ounces lemon juice and 4 ounces extra virgin olive oil.

This 8th liver flush resulted in the expulsion of mere large sand like granules of green crushed liver stones, maybe around a dozen or so grains. Note they were green this 8th time. The 7th flush had big black stones.

How is my leg? Better. Always looking better. The discoloration is starting to go away. Skin color trying to go back blending with the rest of my leg.

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