My First Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Under the clinic of Dr Gallego, I underwent my first colon hydrotherapy session. Of course there were the preparatory enzymes I had to drink several days after. But this morning was my first session.

We arrived on the dot. 10am. I dressed up in their hospital gown which was open at the back, lay on my left side waited for the anal plunger.

I figured out the mechanism, one inlet for the water to come in, and an outlet to evacuate the water that just filled my colon. Really simple.

I was not comfy with the session because I experienced some constipation the past few days and I have a sore anus. Plus when the rod was inserted, it rested on my prostate so I also felt the urge to pee or had pre-ejaculate drops coming out. Gross.

How did my first session feel?

I remember the worst case of diarrhea or loose bowel movement when I ate a whole package of preserved sampaloc from Good Shepherd� yummy. But it made me clear out my bowels the very next day. I remember going to the toilet 3 times to evacuate everything.

Well that is how my first colon hydrotherapy felt. 1 hour of my worst diarrhea. On and on the minutes passed by and repeatedly I felt so much desire to poop I wanted to get up and tell the nurse I�d rather poop in the toilet.

After the ordeal I did go to the toilet and dump a lot of solids. It seemed that the nozzle inside my anus could not evacuate the feces already near my ass hole.

How did I feel after that? Normal. The doctor said eat light. Yeah, I had some fish, red rice and veggies. Later this night I had goat, rice and veggies. Then I pigged out on fruits. Now before going to bed I ate some nuts and raisins.

I�m glad I got started. This colon cleanse should have come first prior to my liver flush. This is just the 1st of 5 colon cleanse sessions. I�ll be back for my 2nd colon cleanse On Tuesday.

*** Note *** It has been suggested in that you begin your cleansing with colon cleanse before your liver flush. I thought I had accomplished proper colon cleansing with just Ka Rey Herbal and Lifestyles Intra. To be 100% sure your colon cleanse is done correctly, sign up for colon hydrotherapy.

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