MsLarsen Cured Eczema via pH Balancing

Well I’ll tell you what I did. I got lucky, and happened accross a book that at least for me seems to have hit the nail on the head for what was causing my eczema. There were actually two books, but they are both very similar and by the same author, Dr. Robert O. Young, micro-biologist and nutritionist.

The first one I read was called “the pH miracle.” And it really changed the way I look at health, but I was left wanting a better scientific background for what he was saying. So I found that he had written another book, more recently called “sick and tired? Reclaim your inner terrain.”

So I read that one too, and I liked it a lot better because the section giving the historical and scientific background was much more comprehensive. I also think it has a better overall organization of the information. What he explained (very breif paraphrasing, so maybe not entirely accurate) is that one of the dominant, if not the dominate cause for eczema, along with a number of other skin irritation problems, is when through diet, life style, drugs, or whatever means the pH balance of your body becomes too acidic to the point where your body cannot correct for it through it’s primary means. What happens then is your body begins to pass the acids off to all your organs in an attempt to get it out of the blood, and hopefully out of the body. Your skin is just another organ, but as the acid is passing through and out of the body it can irritate, dry out, and crack open the skin. Then you’re open to other infections, and irritations because the structural integrity of the skin is compromised.

For years I looked at my dry skin and thought, ok I need to put some good mosturizer on that, and it will go away. The thing that is deceptive about that is that for mild enough cases it can be true, but it will usually flare back up again after not too long, or as soon as you stop putting the mosturizer on. The Doctors of course always recomended things like hydrocortizone or some other steroid based immune supressant cream. After reading Dr. Youngs book, I ordered a months worth of two of the supliments he recomended for helping to get your body’s pH back in balance, supergreens (concentrated powder of grasses and leaves high in nutrients and minerals) and prime pH (an oxidizing agent consisting of a 5% solution of sodium chlorite NaClO2, to be diluted in water to about a 0.01% solution, checked up on it, very safe). I started doing as they suggest adding the supergreens and prime pH to water and drining it each day.

The first day I had some cleansing symptoms, basically a dull headache that lasted about 6 hours. The same day I started on the supliments I decided to stop putting on mosturizer to so I could see just what the greens where helping with. when I started my hands were really bad, cracked open, bleeding, and infected. I couldn’t keep it under control even with mosturizer 12-15 times a day really heavy. But after four days with the greens the cracks in my hands had healed over (they were still very dry of course), after about two weeks much of the skin was nearly normal. I started to lightly put mosturizer on just after showers, and continue with the green drink, and now, one month later, my hands are almost completely normal.

Now I tend to be a paranoid kind of guy, so I’m reserving my judgement of calling this a perminant cure until I’ve seen no more outbreaks for at least a year. But I can certainly say that it seemed to turn this one around faster than I had been able to in any other way before. After seeing this, and several other benifits very clearly (more energy, better sleep and more rest in less time, faster recovery from exercise, less pain in exercise, lost 15 lbs and now settled at my ideal weight of 212… email if you want details on these)

I decided to make sure that I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to get these products, and to find a way to get them at the cheapest price. I discovered that if I signed up with the company as a distributer then I could get them for me, my family, and friend at whole sale. I’m also willing to help anyone else get set up to get the same deal. I just hope that what I’ve found can help other people who have fought with similar issues for so long. If you want any other details, or have any other questions, or want to talk in private about how to get started, or what other things I’ve found you can do beyond the supliments, or with or without them, feel free to email me.

To get started shifting your pH back to more alkaline levels, one thing you can do is drink more water, and add all the juice you can squeeze out of a fresh lemon to the last glass you drink before going to bed.

Talk to you soon, best of health, and God bless,


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