Emotional support and positive encouragement absolutely required

My herbalist kept saying, “No contra.” Do not contradict the healer. Do not bad mouth the healing process. Do not impart negative energies on the healer or the sick. I look back last year and I remember being focused about curing myself, I never bothered to write about how bad the negative attitudes of all the people in my house were last year, including my wife, that I was forced to flee my own home just so I could continue treatment with my chosen healer.

My herbalist was an in-house herbalist. Her style is a focused style. She focuses on only a single patient at a time. She lives with her patient taking care of all of his or her needs, which could include cooking, the laundry and personal care. I bet if she could drive, she would have done all the marketing. The fact that I drove her all around allowed me to learn some of her herbal knowledge. Where the herbs are bought and how to identify them.

Did I mention my herbalist looks like a witch? In fact, she was my 2nd herbalist because the resort maid refused to take me to her thinking she was a witch. I was taken to a lesser herbalist which did me no good. I had to come back to the far off province of morong, bataan a week later to seek doctor Lorna’s services.

She was the one who diagnosed me with, “You have dirty blood! We have to clean your blood from the inside and your skin on the outside.” That got me hooked. This herbalist knew what she was talking about. Today I look back and I remember she sounded like the environmental cleanup chapter of Doctor Hulda Clark. Yet Dr. Lorna was not educated in any formal school. Her herbal education was passed on by apprenticeship from her mother who learned from her mother too.

We lived at a small house behind my in-laws’ main house. We started my treatment at my home. There was a spare room. We could do our messy herbal stuff. Nobody appreciated my herbalists efforts. The scoffed at her, mocked her, scorned her. Our maids, our cook, did everything to make her feel unwelcome. My grandmother frontally hated her. My wife said she has bad vibrations about her and wanted me to get rid of her.

Yet my scientific logic showed that this herbalist was the one who has positively identified my illness and all the other so-called doctors were the quacks. The negative energy around us was building up. I and my herbalist decided we could not work this way. We had to go. Find a place where I can be healed without the negative emotions striking us at our backs. I made myself welcome in my brother’s home (actually my uncle’s house who was out of the country.)

I fled my own home. I did not feel any emotional pain at that time. I was too focused on getting well. Today I look back at those times as a period of sadness. When my whole family let me down. My grandmother though she meant well hated my healer and doggedly followed us and kept berating my healer. My wife who never bothered to spend time to talk to me, nor understand me, nor try to help me with my situation.

Kudos to my uncle’s two maids Lori and Lyn who empathized with me, my disease and my healer. I have not thanked them enough yet. Kudos go to my brother who “tolerated” my stay at his home. Of course today, my brother has seen the method in the madness he used to think it was. I’m the one helping him heal his atopic dermatitis which at one time deteriorated to a full body acne. Today I’m the one helping my grandmother get well from a deteriorating parkinsons disease.

I think I was born a sympathetic and kind person. But now even more so that I have been imparted with some healing knowledge. I experienced all the “contra” that alternative healers have all warned about. I see how much negative emotions are laid out on my poor 82 year old parkinsons disease stricken grandmother.

If I had all the money in the world I would whisk my grandmother away from her jail and have her live in a home beside my own with the most emphatic caregiver I can find.

Positive emotions and logical scientific support is needed by the disease stricken. Please give it your all. Understand that the disease stricken is suffering, and he may not be in full control of any irritability in his or her part. He or she is terribly sick. You cannot expect him or her to be the nicest person on earth right now.

If you are sick, ask for help. Ask some more. Ask those who will listen and try to understand your plight.

My grandmother has been asking us forever to take her to the ocean. Now that blood tests have confirmed very low sodium in her blood; now I know my grandmother was correct all along… and we never listened. Until now. I hope we make it in time for her to live.

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