Dental cleansing pursuit, thinking root canal removal

I’ve had 10 liver flushes so far and each flush still produces a dozen or more stones. Am I still producing more stones? Or are these left overs?

One possibility is I have 1 tooth that has been root canalled for 2 years now.

I remember that root canal really well. It was the most painful experiences ever. Of course it helped that my dentist was pretty, it lessens my dental phobia!

I’ve been reading about dental cleanses and there is the opinion of the bio-dentists that all root canals should be removed.

I went back to my pretty dentist and she says that the root canal should only be removed if under x-ray and other tests show that the root canal is now defective. I reasoned with her that since the tooth is dead, it is not being cleaned by my blood. She contends that the tooth stays in place because of the live ligaments holding it in place.

Then there are the hassles of what happens to my jaw if I do get my molar pulled. There will be a gap. My dentist says the teeth gravitate and I’ll have a mishapen jaw. Hmmm… does not sound appealing. I’ll have to contact my friends who have experienced teeth being pulled and not using any false teeth in place. Wearing false teeth can be such a hassle, and it could be another source of metal leeching in.

I’m due for a panoramic x-ray and will be consulting both my regular dentist and a bio-dentist. This is exciting, we will see.

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