Fresh Pineapple Juice can cure many things

I’ve been researching about local, tropical, Philippine alternatives to the liver flush, parasite cleanse and other detox protocols and it seems I can now announce that the common tropical pineapple is a winner!

I would like my readers to know that Dole pineapples are grown in very large farms in the Philippines.

Given this information, deworming, liver stone dissolving, detoxing, digestive, and bowel movement problems now seem so much easier.

Intestinal worms hate pineapples, so a pineapple fast will get rid of many of them.

Liver stones are reportedly dissolved via pineapple fast. Yes! I don’t want to keep doing liver flushes every month. I will try this protocol and report in this website.

Detoxing heavy metals such as lead, pineapples do a great job, this information I got from MH, the Barefoot Herbalist at Curezone.

Digestive problems are easy for fresh pineapples of course, no need to ingest digestive enzymes when you are consuming fresh pineapples. The bromelain comes from fresh pineapples. And it does not get any more active than this.

Bowel movement problems? Lack fiber? Who wants to keep drinking those no-taste psyllium husks? Probably those who do not have access to fresh pineapples! Fresh pineapple juiced with the core in them will regulate your bowels, that is for sure.

How is this pineapple fast done? For that we have to thank this forum poster Joane at curezone

“I dissolved all of my remaining stones with nothing except pineapple juice. I didn’t believe it (I read all about it on a raw food forum), or that something so simple (and more importantly, so delicious!) would work, but it did. I went from about 30 gallbladder attacks to zero. Since I started the pineapple juice cure, I have never had another gallbladder attack. It still amazes me that it worked. It’s the acid in the juice…it dissolves fat and stones.

All you do is juice (in an electric juicer) one whole and RIPE (let one you buy at the store sit for a week) and peeled and cored pineapple, and chug it all down fast – no savoring…just gulp it down. The acid will dissolve your stones. Yes, it really works. I had so many gallbladder attacks that it was ruining my mental health, so I tried this in desperation.

I went to the store and bought 7 pineapples, and waited one week, to give them a chance to really ripen. Then I juiced and drank a whole one every morning, once a day, for a week. The second week I drank one every other day. The third week, twice that week. And now, for maintenace, I drink it once a week, usually on Saturday morning. Believe me, it works, and it’s the most delicious cure you’ll ever try 🙂

Do it in the morning, on an empty stomach. Don’t water it down or take any vitamins or pills or anything with it. An average pineapple makes a large coffee mug full of juice. Chug it down as soon as you make it – drink it while it’s freshly juiced. Wait an hour and a half before drinking or eating anything else.”

* Note: I suggest to consume the pineapple CORE because this contains a lot of important fiber and the anti-parasite properties are contained in the CORE.


  1. Do you have any research on pineapple as cure for psoriasis?

  2. Ann Nonymous says:

    Look up cures for demodex mites. I read demodex mites are thought to cause psoriasis.

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