Parasite cleansing time with a Zapper and Herbals

Curezone and Hulda Clark followers might be thinking, hey, Edwin forgot the parasite cleanses. No, I did not, but I learned about this a little late in the day. You see, I only learned about Curezone and Hulda Clark much later AFTER I declared myself cured.

Now I know there is so much more work to do.

I chose the fresh herbal capsules solution of as they say they make their herbs from scratch only upon order for freshness and potency. Plus taking a couple of capsules everyday for 30 days sounds real easy. The only problem is, the shipment from the USA to the Philippines is taking forever! I have not received my humaworm capsules as of today! I ordered the regular way. Must be regular snail mail. Bah, next time I will ask for special delivery via DHL or FedEx.

Next I chose a zapper. My choice is the tiny and orgone enhanced Terminator by Don Croft of Why I chose this is because the uniqueness of this concept. Marrying together the work of Hulda Clark and Dr. Reich, this zapper is unique. Plus it is small, fits in your hand. You can easily place in any part of your body. Again, another US product. Problems with paying via paypal. I had to give my credit card details to Don instead. I asked for special door to door shipping. Don says he sent it via UPS and DHL. It’s been one week and I am excited. So is my mother in law. We ordered 2 units.

Later during our out of town new year vacation, I stumbled upon a fellow health advocate in the resort. Luckily, Jackie then had brought with her her personal zapper. Cool! The very first zapper I ever laid my hands on. Then I found out zappers are available in the Philippines! Great! I eventually ordered a unit for my brother.

Active Wave Zapper – Made in the Philippines

We’ve had the “regular” looking zapper for 2 days and I’ve zapped myself, my wife, my first son, my second son, my web designer, and my brother. Coolness. I’ve done the 7 minutes on – 20 minutes off – 7 minutes on – 20 minutes off – 7 minutes on protocol to myself for 2 consecutive days.

This unit is best used strapped at the soles of the feet. There is some electrical pain while using it on the hands. I can do my web surfing while zapping! Now isn’t that convenient?

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