Feb 2007 Eczema Cure Protocol

I never finished my Jan 2007 eczema cure protocol as I had no time while attending to curing my brother who suffered a fate worse than mine. Thanks to his case, my eczema and total health research continues with more raging passion and conviction. This is my first cure protocol for 2007.

Eczema is only a symptom of something much worse. Eczema is an alternative outlet of body waste.

Break free of old assumptions, old paradigms. The reason you are here is because the conventional / orthodox / western medical pharmaceutical industrial complex has failed you.

Re-Education is VITAL and you must go through this. Cures are PLENTY. And many, many, many people are being CURED everyday around the world. You are next! Read and learn:

* The Hundred Year Lie by Randal Fitzgerald – This will shake your western medical paradigms. Also will make you re-think what you are eating. The last chapter shows you there are centers that really CURE people.
* Natural Cures They Don’t want you to know by Kevin Trudeau – This will make you angry and prepare you into action searching for CURES.
* The Doctor Within by Dr. Tim O Shea – Real Education Begins
* Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Hulda Clark – Shows you that the many “incurables” in the western medical paradigm are indeed cureable.
* Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation by Andreas Moritz – Truth in health and Cures with an Ayurvedic perspective
* PH Miracle by Dr. Robert Young concentrates on the overlooked concept of PH Balancing that when achieved allows the body cure all diseases.
* AskMoreless.com by Maya and Moreless – Easy PH Balancing techniques with accompanying free forum consultation courtesy of Curezone.com
* Coconut Cures – shows cures from coconuts mainly from my country the Philippines
* Power Juices Super Drinks – Easy practical juicing to heal yourself

You may be needing the assistance of real healers in you are area. They were always present, you were just not aware of their existence until you were re-educated as above. You will get to know Herbalists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Bio-Dentists, Holistic Doctors, Electrotherapy, health and supplement shops, nutritionists etc.

I stress on the word assistance. The power to heal your own eczema is in YOUR OWN hands. The healers are your servants, this website merely serves to open your mind.

THE CURE will happen when THE CAUSES are addressed. Do a full sweep. This will cure more than just your eczema.

Dirty Colon – Colon Cleansing! Herbal formulas can do a good job. One I’ve tried is Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea. There are many colon cleanse programs out there. Colon hydrotherapy does a good job too. For best results, do both.

Dirty Kidneys – Kidney Cleansing! Kidney cleansing herbs are available from many sources, see curezone Dr. Clark, Andreas Moritz, Dr Schulze, Barefoot Herbalist. If you live in the tropics like I do, fresh coconuts and fresh watermelon are plentiful.

Parasite Cleanse – Buy a good Zapper maybe from Ken Presner or Don Croft. Do a 1 month Herbal Parasite cleanse from sources such as Humaworm, Barefoot Herbalist or Dr Hulda Clark’s list. Do both electric zapping and herbal parasite cleanse to be sure.

Dental Pollution – Dental Cleanup! Needs the services of a bio-dentist. Do not go to a regular dentist. They are usually ignorant of biological dentistry or vehemently disagree with the whole concept.

Dirty Liver – Liver Cleansing! This is a home remedy, easy and powerful. Choose from many formulas and methods. Most of the final liver flushing will be done by olive oil. I will prepare you a list of possibilities. If you think you cannot do this yourself, see if there are detox centers in your area which provide assistance for liver flushing. 1/2 lemon in water in a glass of water is good liver tonic.

PH Balance – Take supergreens, better if they are freshly juiced: wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley, carrot, tomato for example. Re-structure your diet as recommended in by Moreless and Robert Young. You may need a nutritionist to teach you the practicals. PyroEnergen is an electro-therapy device that helps electrically alkalize your whole body.

Nutritional Deficiencies – See the juicing book. Holistic, Ayurvedic, Chinese doctors can analyze you in a different manner. The most common deficiencies are Omega 3, Vitamin E, Vitamin D (sun), Magnesium and Calcium (cannot do without magnesium). REAL FOOD is best. Make your food from scratch.

Pollution – Avoidance! See Dr. Hulda Clark’s recommendations on pollution avoidance. There is a lot!

Sluggish Lymphatic System – Exercise! The easiest and fastest lymphatic improvement exercise is rebounding. Bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline. Sweat it, get into a workout program.

The usual disclaimer: I am not a western medical doctor. The cure protocol here is what I think works for me and my family. I advise you to educate yourself and do what works for you. If you have discovered something new that works, send me an email!

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