MIL: Temporary relief using a steroid cream

Mil had been suffering from her itchy arms and legs for 2 months with hardly an improvement using Dr. Austria’s cure all probiotics, zeolite, vitamins, hot foot soaks, dr tam’s miracle tea for colon cleanses, colon hydrotherapy, and 2 liver flushes and parasite cleanse. So Mil sought temporary itch relief from a regular dermatologist.

As expected, the regular dermatologist gave the common refrain: contact dermatitis, allergic to several stuff like mites, dust, etc. Use this steroidal cream for relief; aka suppress your natural immune system for a couple of months so at least you won’t itch. But in the meantime, the root cause is again not addressed by the dermatologist, nor does he try. Mil knows this, she’s smart. At least stop the itching so she can work and still earn her sizable salary. Then continue addressing a wide range of cure all treatment so hopefully she hits the root causes of the itching problem. Just this morning, Mil unpacked a Jack Lallane juicer. Nice machine. She prepares herself some carrot juice. Great going. For now, we won’t know how effective the root cause style treatments are doing because we cannot monitor Mil because her symptoms are being suppressed by the steroid cream. But Mil will continue doing her cleanses, I just saw her buy grapefruits, probably for a 3rd liver flush, this time Hulda Clark style. This story will be continued.

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