Bugoy: Ice Cream addict and recognizing yeast problems

I fetched Bugoy at his office this late afternoon. It was great to see his arms and face progressing in its healing. Though I noticed he was still scratching from time to time, he still had dandruff, and he has minor signs of jock itch.

We were locked in the Friday evening rush hour and there was much to talk about. We passed by a Dr. Juice juice bar so Bugoy can have his 3 ounces of fresh wheat grass juice and a 16 ounce mango juice as a chaser.

Then I asked Bugoy if his progress was leveling off, he said it was slowing down. I suggested to him to schedule his next liver flush before the coming new moon as Andreas Moritz suggests. Bugoy asked me if the moon phase was such a big deal. I said of course it was a big deal, do you know how high and how low tides get because of the moon?

I reminded Bugoy that although he has never felt better in his entire life, it was not okay to plateau now. That his real objective was to achieve final cure and live a healthy life without the itching, without dandruff, with smooth clear skin like other healthy people. This got him out of his comfort zone and he agreed.

Then I was telling Bugoy about fasting and how fasting can help him heal faster. That there are many kinds of fasts and by now he has experienced several 2 day apple juice fasts. Then I told him about my yeast cure using the virgin coconut oil fast. The VCO fast is described in page 195 of Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife. This seems to be a modification of the master cleans as the foundation is lemon in water. But Bruce replaces the maple syrup with VCO and rock salt then suggests some coconut meat then real unsweetened yoghurt. As I reported before, this got rid of my jock itch in just 3 days.

Then I shared with Bugoy that I used to like sweet foods. That sometimes I would go out of my way and buy myself some chocolates. Specifically Dark Chocolate by Meiji and sometimes a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar. Bugoy told me that he likes ice cream. I had forgotten that he did like ice cream when he was a little boy. Then I asked Bugoy how much he liked ice cream. His answer was he ate one Nestle vanilla flavored “drumstick” everyday!

I could not believe my ears! One ice cream serving PER day? Bugoy tried to take it back… “Well maybe every other day, sometimes.” I think the first answer was the correct answer. But even so. This is ice cream addiction! The sweet tooth. No wonder he still scratches, the yeast is all over him. The yeast overgrowth is making Bugoy crave for sweet things to feed the yeast.

This sudden realization convinced Bugoy that yes, he does have a yeast problem. And this has to be addressed, immediately. I got Bugoy to agree to doing a 3 day VCO fast next weekend. I’ll do it with him too just to teach him how its done. The Dr Juice yogurts are great anyway.

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