MIL: 3rd liver flush using Hulda Clark method

Our last report of Mil told of how she resorted to using a steroid cream to achieve temporary relief of itching. Last week she went through her 3rd liver flush and for the first time used Hulda Clark’s protocol.

Mil says she did not notice any stones in this 3rd flush. But she says that she had a good number of stones expelled on her 2nd flush.

Mil is not one to look at her dumps, neither does she photograph her dumps.

Mil continues to take her supplements given by Dr. Austria.

For now Mil thinks western medicine is good to resort to while real cleaning has not solved the true cause of her eczema.

She even gave me advice regarding my stubborn burn induced infections about taking the western medicine road. I told her I did use anti-biotics first, but it was not enough, that is why I’m doing other means that are working far better, like gentian violet. See a related story I will post next.

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