15th and 16th liver flush healed alkaline burns and lecithin

The alkali burn episode weakened my immune system in many ways, burns are like that. The antibiotic amoxyclav used led to well known side effects with the liver. I know new liver stones were immediately made and I felt the familiar signs on my shoulder and developing eczemas that came to save my health.

From my health blog:

Emergency liver flush March 25

I made an emergency liver flush last March 25. I immediately felt skin thickening at my face, eczematic bubbles on my arm and my two formerly injured spots on my legs by the alkali burn.

Upon taking pancreatin supplements, I felt relief from a terrible itch at at my extremeties. This showed a lack of liver function, blocked liver function. The emergency hulda clark type liver flush resulted in a few stones, but immediate relief from the itches.

Modified Andreas Moritz and Dr. Tam�s Miracle tea 16th liver flush April 6

The week prior I used supplements to tone my liver. Dandelion supplements, Milk thisle, hepatodoron, flaxseed oil, Vitamin B complex.

This April 6 I concluded a modified Andreas Moritz liver flush while having consumed 1 liter of apple juice per day for 1 week. I took epsom salts at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm then the 4 ounces extra virgin olive oil and 4 ounces lemon juice at around 11:30pm. In the morning, I had a light vegetable breakfast and at 9am I consumed 1/2 cup of Dr Tam�s Miracle Tea to clear my bowels.

At around 2pm I unloaded in two dumps a handful of good sized green liver stones.
I had the classic re-run of my former eczema with shoulder pain. Today�s flush showed immediate beginning of healing.

But these liver stone formations must be stopped. I want to stop liver flushing.

Latest liver flush I attribute to curing my leg alkali burns

The alkali burns that debilitated my left and right legs for a good 2 months is now in its final stages of peeling and showing new skin. I thank my latest liver flush for expelling many stones and allowing my liver to do its job of helping me heal.

I also took flaxseed oil, 6 capsules per day and 6 table spoons per day of lecithin granules, along with 3 caps per day of milk thisle and 9 caps per day of dandelion and B complex.
3 days after the flush, legs started peeling new cured skin. Peeling will probably finish in 2 days.

I want to stop liver flushing forever

I later went on to take 6 tbsp of lecithin supplements in granular form. My theory is that the accelerated stone formation is caused by my depletion of fats, specifically and critically lecithin. I read from the Barefoot Herbalist that he has researched old German medical texts that in the middle of the 20th century, large quantities of lecithin were used to cure liver stones and gall stone pain. Something like 30 capsules 3 times per day. The logic is lecithin stops and dilutes cholesterol from forming into stones.

I want to stop liver flushing, it has been 16 flushes and my stones have to finally run out.

Fat intake will improve vitamin absorption

I’m taking expensive vitamins and I want to make full use of them. I’m now in a fat taking binge. Taking Flaxseed oil 6 capsules per day. 2 tbsp of VCO for medium chain fatty acids. 6 tbsp of lecithin. 1 tsp of olive oil if I remember. And sometimes animal fat. Just so I can utilize all the vitamins I take from Vitamin E, B, C and my multivitamins.

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