The price for eczema cure is a paradigm shift

I recently made a reply post in the curezone forums to help an eczematic woman. I went on to rant about the PRICE to be paid for ECZEMA CURE. And the high price is not financial in nature. In fact the financial price is gosh darned CHEAP. The BIG PRICE you have to pay is a complete PARADIGM SHIFT. You have to “GET IT.” And you have to “DO IT.”

Have you read the posts of concerned Aunt or Aunty here in curezone?
Have you read the cure stories here in curezone?
Have you read the eczema cure protocol I made?

I have a website that shows methodically the causes and the cures for eczema.

Always check back here in curezone for support on the cure methods I describe. Ask help in the forums for the cleanses and the ph balancing.

The cures for eczema have been well documented and coroborated by many people here in curezone. This is a good time for you to post your questions.

You will be cured; If you are willing to pay the price, and it is not financial in nature, the price is a total overhaul of your old lifestyle:

– Absolutely no pharmaceutical drugs… not one bit.
– You will learn to eat raw and vegan and organic…
– You will learn to sleep before 10pm everyday
– You stay away from the common everyday pollutants like alcohol, toothpaste, anti-perspirant, etc.
– You will learn and do all the detox, cleanses required.
– You will take the herbals required.
– You will have your root canals extracted
– You stop seeing your western medical doctors and start seeing holistic doctors.
– You spend time reading all the wonderful books I mentioned in the cure protocols.
– You experience a paradigm shift and you “get it”

If you are willing to pay this BIG PRICE, you will be cured… FOREVER.

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