Truth in healing: Cheap and Open Source

I’m currently having a discussion with my best friend who unfortunately is sold on the concepts of western pharmaceutical medicine. I’ve told him their quackery has killed his own mother, his father and his father in law. Now that he is next in line taking “hypertension medication” for “borderline hypertension” he is still solid with what he calls “evidence based medicine.” Give me a break, his parents were slaughtered and he still does not see it. My friend even tells me to watch out for the “quacks” of alternative medicine.

So how do I separate the money making greedy guts from the real deal? Easy. It all has to do with follow the money, identifying the causes, addressing the causes, repeatability, open source and open books healing.

As an engineer, programmer and network administrator, it is easy for me to understand these concepts. The human body is no mystery. I don’t buy those mysterious mumbo jumbo explanations about humans. If you can’t explain it in english, its all bull.

The age of the internet is upon us. Open source software is all the rage. I’m using a linux operating system desktop pc right now. The source code is open for all to see and modify. The software is open for all to see. Nothing to hide. That is why Linux has grown leaps and bounds quite quickly.

With all this information technology, no healing technique should remain unrecorded. Humans are humans are humans. The same principles guide us all. There of course are differences, and any reasonable smart person can and should read about healing concepts and apply them.

Me? I’m just an open source healer. I read. I talk. I listen. I self experiment. I live with the patients. Therefore those doctors out there we see are mere consultants. They do not live with the patients.

Open source and follow the money.

If the healing technique is a secret, if the formula is a secret, if the formula is proprietary aka patented, if they make too much money on it, then it is mostly a big money scam designed to make money.

I learned this from the true altruistic healers. They cure without stating any price. The donations are voluntary, how much you think it is worth, only what you can give. Sad to say, most healers like this are poor. People don’t give much once they are cured. People are only willing to give lots of money if they are still sick.

I am one of those adherents to altruistic healing. I will only attend to you if you are a close family member or a true friend. Why? Because this is not my business. I don’t earn anything here. In fact, I spend my time and money for the healing instead of being paid for my services.

Why do I vow not to charge or name a price for my healing services? Because it changes the healing approach. Asking a price, looking at profits first will affect my judgment.

Identifying the causes

Degenerative diseases are lifestyle diseases. Most people are blind and unwilling to change. Most people think a cure is something they can pay for and still continue doing their poisonous, acidic, polluting, poor lifestyle, poor eating habits, poor exercise habits. People want to be cured without making any life changes. People don’t want to pay the real price for the cure. The price is CHANGE.

The money making establishment? They twist their science to suit their profit motives.

Addressing the causes

Once the causes are identified, addressing the causes is only a matter of technique. Say you have gall bladder stones. The money grubbers want P 200,000 ($ 4,000) to perform surgery and remove your precious gall bladder. But the open source solution of gall bladder / liver flushing costs only P 200 ($ 4); and you keep your precious gall bladder, and it is safer, no cutting you up. It is insane and a total swindle for people to keep on choosing the money grubbers simply because of IGNORANCE.


No one person or company or group of persons should have a monopoly on the healing technique. Any Tom, Dick and Harry should be able to heal. Just follow the well worn paths, the now being documented on the internet paths and just do it. The sick should never be held hostage.

So it is pretty easy to discern true and altruistic healers and techniques. It takes one to know one.

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